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Parents will reach summer holiday ‘breaking point’ today, new study shows

  • Today marks the summer holiday ‘breaking point’ for most parents, according to a new study.

A new survey of British parents has revealed exactly what mums and dads must contend with during the six to eight week summer holiday including dealing with an average of 17 tantrums, 19 cries of “I’m bored”, and as many as 15 fights over “who had it first”.

“I’m bored!”

A survey of 1,500 parents found that after a few weeks of constant bickering and “I’m bored” comments from their children, today is the day parents officially throw in the towel.

Until this time, parents will take their children to the local park seven times, give in to pester power times seven times for sweets, nine times for an ice-cream and ten times for packets of crisps.

So, it comes to no surprise that parents find themselves pouring themselves a large glass of wine to relieve the stress on average six times (is that all?) over the holidays.

“Are we there yet?”

The nation’s families also expect 14 wails of “are we nearly there yet?”, 14 backseat squabbles on car journeys and as many as 13 rows between mum and dad during the summer break.

Around one in ten parents (11 percent) said they actively “dread” the holidays, while 34 percent say they enjoy them at the start but are exhausted by the end – and 54 percent admit the whole period is a “mixed bag of emotions”.

In fact, 55 percent of British parents wish there was more to do with their children during the school holidays, with 35 percent claiming their kids were bored with everything on offer in their area, and 21 percent admitting if they stay in all day they all end up fighting.

Entertaining kids in the summer holidays…

Speaking about the survey, General Manager at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham, Amy Langham said: ”As a new attraction, we wanted to explore what the summer holds for UK families, with a large number of parents saying they feel stressed about the prospect of entertaining their kids.

“It can be hard for parents to find new, exciting things to do with the children when school is out, and there is a lot of parental guilt about not keeping offspring stimulated and having fun.

“Taking children to the local park, doing crafts and cooking at home, and visiting friends are all important activities for parents and kids this summer.

“And having the occasional day out at a specialist attraction for kids – like our brand new LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham – can help break up the six weeks and give the whole family a treat day to remember.”