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City of NO love! The British towns that are home to the LEAST romantic men revealed (and it’s bad news for Essex girls)

  • A new study discovered Chelmsford, Essex is the city least likely to be romantic
  • It also revealed UK men stop being romantic six months into their relationship
  • Online gift service Photobox revealed how they’re trying to help the Essex city
  • Other cities lacking romance include Leeds, Manchester and London

In the run-up to Valentine’s Day it can feel like romance is everywhere, with shops decked from floor to ceiling with gift ideas and red roses.

However, it seems romance may be dead after all as a new study has revealed the typical British man stops making an effort just six months into their current relationship.

Conducted by online gift service Photobox, the study polled 1,500 women in long-term relationships across the country to unveil the UK cities where romance is least prevalent.

With an overwhelming 79 per cent of men unlikely to be romantic, Chelmsford in Essex was found to be the city with the least time for love.

More than half of the women in the city described their other half as ‘useless’ when it comes to matters of the heart.

On average men are set to spend £24.70 this year on Valentine’s Day, meanwhile women will spend only a pound more on the man in their lives at £25.70.

One in ten women admit they expect to receive absolutely nothing, as almost half of British women claim they’ve never as much as received a romantic text from their significant other.

With the advent of social media it may seem unsurprising for comparison in the romance department, as up to 20 percent of the studies female participants admit they’re dreading Valentine’s Day this year as their friends’ husbands are much more romantic than their own.

The women also revealed they believe their Father-In-Law’s displays of affection could be an influence behind their partner’s lack of romance. Seven in ten claim their lover’s father is also useless at portraying gestures of love.

Nearly two thirds of women have never received a love letter from their other half and as many as four in ten have never even been brought breakfast in bed.

It may seem like romance is dead with Brighton, Manchester and Nottingham also scoring low in the department.

The study revealed up to 35 percent of British men are embarrassed to show their emotions.

In fear of being mocked, a shocking 66 percent of men didn’t bother getting down on one knee when they proposed, while 89 percent of them didn’t shed a tear when they exchanged vows at the altar.

The study also revealed that seven in ten females believe their partner will most likely buy something last minute for them on Valentine’s Day.

Four in ten ladies said they are likely to get just a card this Valentine’s Day and 23 percent are expecting some posh chocolates to celebrate.

Photobox spokesman Rory hopes their same-day delivery service, which will be trialed in Chelmsford this year will spark unexpected romance. If proven a success the service entitled #ValentinesRescue will be distributed nationwide for other occasions also.

He said: Hopefully we’ve sent hearts racing for a few customers who have dropped the ball this Valentine’s Day’.

30 percent of women revealed their men were a lot more romantic behind closed doors than they let on to their friends.

Photobox is offering an extensive range of personalised Valentine’s gifts for same day delivery including mugs, canvases and desk décor to customers within a 5m radius of Chelmsford this Valentine’s Day.


How unromantic is your city?

A February 2018 study by Photobox has revealed the cities where women claim romance is dead:

  • Chelmsford – 79 per cent
  • Leeds – 70 per cent
  • Brighton – 69 per cent
  • Manchester – 68 per cent
  • Nottingham – 67 per cent
  • Glasgow – 62 per cent
  • London – 62 per cent
  • Newcastle – 61 per cent
  • Plymouth – 61 per cent
  • Bristol – 49 per cent