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Everyday life’s greatest pleasure? Sleeping in freshly clean sheets… closely followed by hearing ‘I love you’

  • Greatest satisfaction comes from slipping into bed among cleaned sheets
  • Putting your feet up after a long day and belly laughing also on the list

For some it could be the popping of a champagne cork. For others it’s waking up to the glorious sound of bird song.

Bliss can arrive in many forms – but our greatest sense of satisfaction comes from slipping into bed among freshly cleaned sheets.

Snuggling down amid the comforting smell and touch of laundered linen has been voted the ultimate simple daily pleasure in a survey.

Putting your feet up after a long day, belly laughing with friends and hearing the words ‘I love you’ also made the list.

According to researchers, the average Briton has 17 pleasurable moments a week.

Among them are the caffeine buzz provided by the first coffee of the day, the smell of a freshly mown lawn and finishing a good book.

Realising you have lost weight when hopping on the scales, and your child receiving a glowing school report were also named as things that give us a satisfying kick.

Eating pleasures ranged from the hearty to the indulgent, from tucking into fish and chips on the seafront to devouring a whole chocolate bar.

Treats that gave us a warm glow include a hot and soothing bubble bath, being greeted by an excited dog on your return home, sitting in front of a real fire and hearing the first Christmas song in December.

Moments of happiness could even be provided by watching BBC’s Match of the Day without knowing the results, the poll of 2,000 Britons by Müller Milk revealed.

For drivers, it could be the joy at getting a run of green traffic lights. And few would argue with those who said drinking wine while admiring a beautiful view or feeling sand between your toes are some of life’s simplest – but greatest – thrills.

Britons said the happiest day of their life was having children.Nine in ten said they appreciate the simple things in life more as they got older.

Michael Inpong of Müller said: ‘This survey goes to show that big grand gestures are not always needed to make us happy and fulfilled.’

Simple moments that give us a lift

  1. Sleeping in freshly cleaned bed sheets
  2. Hearing the words “I love you”
  3. A kiss from someone you love
  4. Putting your feet up after a long day
  5. Being intimate with your other half
  6. A belly laugh with friends
  7. Eating fish and chips by the seaside
  8. A hot bubble bath
  9. Sitting in a beer garden on a sunny day
  10. Sitting in front of a real fire
  11. A cuddle with your children
  12. Ordering your favourite take away
  13. The smell of freshly cut grass
  14. Realising you’ve lost weight when you hop on the scales
  15. Eating an entire bar of chocolate
  16. Winning a tenner on the lottery
  17. Hearing a baby laugh
  18. Drinking wine looking out at a beautiful view
  19. Finishing a book
  20. Someone laughing at your jokes