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Britain’s fashion crime capital revealed as Leeds where men are worst dressed in UK (according to city’s women)

  • Wearing Leeds United baseball caps and dirty trainers are rated as the top offence you could commit by the fashion police

It’s Britain’s male fashion crime capital – where a THIRD of women say their blokes have no dress sense.

Leeds is out in front when it comes to our scruffiest men, says a shopping poll.

Research found one in five of women in the Tyke city said their lads looked “ridiculous”. And half had given up trying to smarten them up.

Leeds United baseball caps and dirty trainers on a night out were among the biggest fashion offences, said the VoucherCodes poll.

Not far behind them in the league table of unloveliness is Birmingham where 26 per cent of women branded their fellas a mess.

Cardiff was third and Nottingham came out best dressed with only 11% of women unhappy at their clobber.

Of the 2,000 women quizzed nationwide, three in 10 had refused to leave home with a partner unless he got changed.

Trainers, baseball caps and baggy jeans were blokes’ biggest blunders. Around 18 per cent moaned their other half dressed like an old man and 12 per cent said he only bought clothes in sales.

Nearly all the women had confronted their scruffy men – half being bitterly offended while the rest just didn’t care. VoucherCodes’ Anita Naik said: “It seems clothing choices can cause a real rift in relationships.”


Britain’s worst dressed men – the top 10

  1. Leeds
  2. Birmingham
  3. Cardiff
  4. Norwich
  5. Liverpool
  6. Oxford
  7. Brighton
  8. Cambridge
  9. London
  10. Nottingham

* Women who answered yes to the question: “Does your partner dress badly?”