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FLYING TO BE KATE: Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet’s iconic Titantic ‘I’m Flying’ scene is the most recreated film moment, study finds

  • The 1998 scene with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet has topped a poll of 2,000 film watchers as the most recreated movie moment

Kate Winslet’s “flying” scene from Titanic is the most recreated among film fans, a study found.

Sixty per cent of us have tried to act out a memorable movie moment with the lift from Dirty Dancing also a favourite.

More than one in ten have injured themselves trying to portray a film and staggeringly one in twenty have been thrown out of a pub.

Research also revealed 12 per cent of Brits have been told off at work for recreating a movie scene.

Some 27 per cent of partners have been embarrassed by their other half after their theatrical performance.

As many as 96 per cent of the 2,000 polled said they love to quote lines from films and 29 per cent said they have private jokes with their friends based on movie quotes.

Robert De Niro’s mirror speech in Taxi Driver is third in the poll by Panasonic.

Head of TV at Panasonic UK said: “Bringing Hollywood to life seems to mean as much to consumers as it does us.
“Most of the movies in this list are pretty iconic and the image of Brits recreating these big budget movies whilst in their local surroundings certainly puts smiles on faces.”


Top 20 recreated scenes

  • Titanic, “I’m flying”
  • Dirty Dancing lift
  • Taxi Driver – “You talking to me?” speech
  • Saturday Night Fever – John Travolta’s dancing
  • Grease – One That I Want
  • The Shining – “Here’s Johnny”
  • Rocky, running up steps
  • When Harry Met Sally – faked orgasm
  • Lady and the Tramp – eating spaghetti
  • Wayne’s World, headbang to Bohemian Rhapsody
  • The Godfather’s ‘I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse’
  • Ghost – Romantic pottery moment
  • Scarface – ‘Say Hello to my Little Friend’
  • Wizard of Oz yellow brick road dance
  • Home Alone scream
  • Jerry Maguire – ‘Show me the Money’ scene
  • Pulp Fiction dance
  • Underwear- free Sharon Stone crossing her legs
  • Jaws – opening scene
  • SpiderMan – Upside-down kiss