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MEG’S BROW BEATEN: Meghan Markle loses battle of the eyebrows to her future sister-in-law Kate Middleton

  • According to a new poll of the nation’s women, the Duchess of Cambridge has the most admired celebrity eyebrows, beating Meghan into 7th place

She may just be weeks away from her fairytale wedding but Meghan Markle has lost the battle of the brows – to her soon to be sister in law Kate Middleton.

According to a new poll of the nation’s women, the Duchess of Cambridge has the most admired celebrity eyebrows, beating Meghan – who weds Prince Harry on May 19th at Windsor Castle – into a lowly seventh place.

This Morning Host Holly Willoughby, came second and Our Girl star Michelle Keegan came third when it came to the most perfectly shaped brows.

Supermodel Cara Delevingnes’ iconic eyebrows came fourth, followed by US star Kim Kardashian and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

The survey by Benefit Cosmetics, also revealed women from Liverpool were most likely to take pride in their eyebrows, followed by those living in Cardiff and London.

Women from Plymouth were least likely to sport a perfectly preened brow – with 38 percent of those living in the Devon city claiming they don’t consider eyebrows important.

Head Makeup Artist and Brow Expert, Lisa Potter-Dixon for Benefit Cosmetics, which commissioned the study to launch their Extreme Brow bar, said: “Having perfect brows is just as important as having perfect hair, lips or eyes and it doesn’t come as a surprise that women are dedicating so much time to perfecting their brows.

“Increasingly, we’re seeing that women are reluctant to get their eyebrows treated professionally due to fear of them looking too extreme.

“With the launch of the new Extreme Brow Bar on 10th April on London’s Southbank, we hope to show that achieving great, natural looking brows can be easy and fuss-free!”

The study also revealed a third of British women reckon a bad brow day is WORSE than a bad hair day with the average female falling victim to as many as 21 bad brow days (days when they cannot get their eyebrows to look good) every year.

And according to the findings, women spend 28 hours of every year – four minutes each morning and a further six minutes for an evening out – perfecting their eyebrows.

However as many as 45 percent suffer from regular eyebrow disasters, with being too heavy handed with the pencil the most common faux pas.

Over-plucking, applying too much product so they go “crusty”, and applying too much tint making them too dark were other common DIY brow calamities.

Being left with two brows that look different to each other was another common bugbear.

The poll also shows the average female has pulled at least one sickie from work, cancelled a night out and stood up a date, in the past year because they could not get their eyebrows right.