Is Housewife Really A Sexist Word? The Healthy Debate

August 14, 2018

Our latest research delved into how British women feel about the word “housewife” – and it transpires that 50 percent of us reckon it’s outdated, sexist and embarrassing.

Which means 50 percent of women DON’T think it’s sexist and outdated. WTF ladies of Britain??

Anyway, the point is, our story hit the headlines this week, landing in almost every national newspaper and news site, while also being picked up by Sky News, Good Morning Britain, The Wright Stuff and a host of national radio stations.

The current media landscape is pretty unforgiving for PRs trying to penetrate a massively heavy news agenda with branded content. It isn’t always easy to make your research stand out.

So it has never been more pressing for us to keep evolving creatively, in terms of our angles and the subjects we conduct research around. Ideas need to be engaging and topical – but most importantly, they must have talk value.

In my experience, the surveys which always create the biggest shows across nationals, lifestyles, consumer, social media and broadcast, are the ones where the client has been a bit bold and addressed a subject in which opinion is divided.

So often, I see PRs weakening an idea or an angle, through fear that the client or brand will shy away from provoking any debate or backlash.

Many in the industry are afraid to push their client towards an idea which will get people talking, however in an age where everyone has an opinion on social media, this is madness.

The very best surveys in my opinion are the ones which people do NOT agree about.

It is that dialogue and debate which brands must be having if they want their content to be shared and discussed across multiple media platforms.

Brands must be braver if they want to be part of any meaninful or interesting conversation.

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