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Coronavirus in Ireland – Irish people are eating an extra 2,331 calories a week in lockdown, according to a new study

IRISH people are eating an extra 2,331 calories a week in lockdown, according to a new study.

Researchers took an in-depth look at all aspects of life for the self-isolating population, and found most people are consuming an extra 333 calories a day while confined to their houses.

According to the data, the most popular lockdown snack is cheese on toast at 22 per cent, followed by crisps (21 per cent), rasher sandwiches (19 per cent), chocolate cake (19 per cent) and cheese and crackers (18 per cent).

The data also suggests that on average we are enjoying more sleep, getting out of bed at 8.40am — almost an hour later than pre-lockdown 7.45am.

According to the report by Raisin.co.uk, hungry isolaters are also currently having dinner at an earlier time of 6.35pm.

The survey reveals that during a typical day, we will watch an average of 4.5 hours of television and spend five hours sitting on the couch.

And it seems our good intentions when it comes to booze have gone out the window, as the average person is consuming three alcoholic drinks a day currently.

We are also consuming three cups of tea, three cups of coffee and spending five hours online each and every day.

In an average week, we will put on four loads of washing, clean the bathroom three times and vacuum four times.

When it comes to rows, 24 per cent of us argue over silly things we wouldn’t usually disagree on, someone slacking off on the lowchores (20 per cent) and what to watch on TV (18 per cent).

However, three-quarters of us admit that they are grateful to be self-isolating with others, with 27 per cent confessing it can be challenging at times.

Almost half of the nation (48 per cent) say that the thing they miss most about life before lockdown is being able to see friends and family.

More than one third cannot wait for a holiday, 38 per cent want to hit the shops and 35 per cent miss going for a drink with loved ones. And 23 per cent of us are missing that ‘Friday feeling’, while 14 per cent yearn for the commute to work.