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BRITS LIKE IT CHEESY Cheese on toast has been voted the nation’s favourite snack

CHEESE on toast is our favourite snack — with more than one in five Brits rating it highest, a poll found.

Cheese and onion crisps come next, followed by a bacon sarnie, cheese and biscuits and salt and vinegar crisps.

Known as ‘grilled cheese’ across the pond, the super quick meal – which involves simply toasting bread, covering it with cheese and sticking it under the grill for a minute or so – beat cheese and onion crisps into second spot.

Only two of the top 15, which also include salted peanuts, Pot Noodle and a ham and cheese toastie, contain meat, revealed the survey of 2,000 folk by cash savings service raisin.co.uk.

A bacon sarnie – normally top in polls of top snacks – came in third spot with 19 per cent, suffering at the hands of the rise of vegetarianism in the UK.

Snack fan Graham Hendry, 34, of St Albans, Herts, said he was baffled by the absence of sausage rolls.

He said: “Where are the sausage rolls?”

“Surely we can’t be becoming a nation of veggies?”

“Out of all 15, there are only two with meat in them, the bacon sarnie and the ham and cheese toastie – surely we can’t be becoming a nation of veggies.”

According to the report, the average Brit is consuming three alcoholic drinks a day under lockdown.

Brits are also downing three cups of tea and three of coffee every day – with the number of snacks scoffed more than doubling.

Kevin Mountford, of Raisin.co.uk said: “Time in lockdown has certainly seen extra snacking.”