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Southerners Are More Sociable And Friendly Than Northerners, Survey Finds

In the UK, it is widely accepted that the further north you go, the nicer the beer and the people get. But a new study suggests this might not be the case after all… well, at least on the people front.

The survey – conducted by Foxy Bingo – found that people living in the south of the UK have 30 friends on average, while people in the north have only 23.

Southerners are also more likely to say that the best moments in life are spent with family and friends, with 85 per cent saying they preferred the company of others, by contrast with the 20 per cent of northerners who would rather be left alone.

In keeping with the theme, more southerners said life would be unbearable without their pals, with 28 per cent of them saying they couldn’t imagine life without their buddies – five per cent more than in the north… Though you could argue this is proof of the southern softie stereotype as much as anything.

The survey quizzed almost 2,000 people from across the UK, finding that southerners are also less likely to bail on their mates, with seven per cent admitting to cancelling on their pals compared to 10 per cent of those in the north… Though you could argue this is just proof that northerners are more honest.

Indeed, the survey leaves us with as many questions as it does answers, to be honest. The greyness stems from a lack of clarity with regard to how exactly Foxy Bingo has defined northerners and southerners.

For those fortunate enough to not live on our soggy island, basically, there’s a bit of a friendly (ish) beef between the north and the south here. Not only is there beef between northerners and southerners, there is also beef about where exactly the divide lies.

See, being northern or southern is about a certain state of being as much as geography. As such, many people argue for a sort of diagonal line across the UK, while others believe in frankly ridiculous borders like the one below.

Based on the study’s bizarre findings, we can only assume that Foxy Bingo considers the north of the UK to be where southerners live and the south of the UK to be where northerners live. But hey, maybe I’m biased…