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The Full English Breakfast Could Be On Its Way Out, Study Finds

For many, the full English is a breakfast staple, not only a delicious and hearty meal but a cultural touchstone. However, it could soon be a thing of the past.

Yes, it’s a sad day indeed. According to a new study, one in five younger people are turning their back on the traditional fry-up in favour of something healthier.

The survey asked 2,000 18-30 year-olds across the UK what they thought about the meal, with 27 percent claiming the black pudding was the most unappealing aspect of the dish.

While just under a quarter of people (24 percent) said the full English was just ‘too greasy’.

Forty-two percent of – fairly snobbish – youngsters even went so far as to say it ‘reminded them of men in vests hanging around in transport cafes’.

And things didn’t get any better for the meaty plateful of food. Some respondents slammed the ‘lukewarm’ baked beans, sausages, and greasy bacon, with 71 percent of respondents claiming they would much rather chow down on some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, smashed avocado on toast, or oatmeal pancakes for breakfast.

Get a grip.

In a statement about the survey, Ellie Glason, director of polling firm Ginger Research, who commissioned it, said said: “The study found also that over half of young adults believe Britain is becoming more health conscious and shunning traditional English meals like fried breakfasts, bangers and mash and pie and chips.”

But while younger people may be moving away from fatty foods, not everyone is.

In a poll last year, research comes from Leonardo Hotels’ Great British Breakfast Survey, which saw 2,000 adults from across the UK surveyed about their breakfast habits.

When asked which items they would want in their perfect fry-up, bacon came out on top as the most essential element, with 69 percent of Brits saying they needed it on their plate.

Sausages took the number two spot with 66 percent, followed by toast (62 percent), baked beans (57 percent), a fried egg (53 percent), hash browns (51 percent) fried mushrooms (42 percent), grilled tomatoes (40 percent) and black pudding (29 percent).

But not only that, the ol’ full English also came out on top as the UK’s favourite breakfast, showing that it’s still alive and kicking.

“Despite the rise of trendy alternatives like shakshuka, huevos rancheros and smashed avocado, the good old-fashioned fry-up continues to reign supreme,” the Leonardo Hotels blog says.

“The ‘full English’ came out on top as the UK’s favourite breakfast, with 83 percent of Brits saying they love this classic dish.

“It seems that as a nation, we still favour more traditional breakfast options, with cereal (81 percent), a bacon sandwich (79 percent), croissants and pastries (78 percent), and pancakes (77 percent) making up the rest of the top five.”