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A Third Of Couples Who Sleep Apart Have More Sex, Survey Finds

It may seem reasonable to infer that couples who sleep apart are in some way missing out – and when I say ‘in some way’, you know exactly which way I mean.

But a study has found that this may not be case. The survey looked at British couples who no longer share a bed, and found that 34 percent reported having better and more sex, compared to the 24 percent who said they had less.

As many as 38 percent actually said their relationship had been improved by sleeping separately, while 16 percent said their sex life had been spiced up by not sharing a bed – with sex in different rooms becoming a more common occurrence.

As for why couples decided to head to separate beds in the first place, the majority were severed by snore-based conflict: 51 percent said they sleep apart to escape their partner’s snoring, while 24 percent seek refuge from their wriggling and 18 percent do so because of incompatible bed times.

Indeed, the study found that almost three quarters of us have a partner who night growls, and almost half of those who do claim to be regularly woken by the sound.

Clearly, that is really annoying, but what makes it all the worse is that a third of those polled said their partner denied snoring – even though they definitely do… When will people realise it is up to other people to decide whether or not you snore?

That said, we mustn’t forget that snorers, like their partners, are also victims. For while it is annoying to be woken by a snorer, it is also annoying to be woken up while you’re sleeping soundly because of something you have next to no control over. In fact, the survey found that almost a quarter of people admitted to hitting their partner in the night because of their snoring – now that is just plain cowardly if you ask me (yes I snore, and yes, I have been hit before).

Bensons For Beds sleep expert, Stephanie Romiszewski, said couples should not be afraid to sleep apart if it improves their sleep and their relationship.

She said: “If you need to, separate the bedrooms. It is the social norm that we should sleep together – but we weren’t made to sleep in someone else’s sleeping pattern. In the worst-case scenario, don’t be ashamed to sleep in a separate room if you need to – you will have a good night’s rest and potentially less arguments.”

Alternatively, if you’re a woman, you should maybe consider sleeping with your dog instead of your man – a study has found that might help you get a better rest too.