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Brits Should Have Their Lives Sorted Out By Their Thirties, According To Study

Sometimes it’s hard enough getting your weekend plans in order – but according to a new study, adults are meant to have their lives sorted out by time they’re in their 30s.

Research commissioned by Beagle Street Life Insurance says the average Brit should have things sorted and in place by the age of 39 – this includes finding ‘the one’ by the time they hit 31, although some honest Brits says this hasn’t quite been the case.

Forty-four percent of people involved in the study said they don’t think they’ll ever have their lives completely sorted and another 25 percent said their love lives were a complete shambles.

It’s not that people don’t want to get their lives together, in fact it seems people do really have the best intentions of doing just that – 55 percent said they do plan to get things in order but never seem to get organised enough to actually do it.

They likely fit in the 74 percent who admitted to spending more time working out how to put things off rather than dealing immediately with all that life throws at us.

Matthew Gledhill, managing director of Beagle Street Life Insurance, said: “I’m sure these survey findings will ring true with a lot of people. Life goes by at such a pace it’s often hard to get on top of our routine life admin, let alone making sure that we’re ‘living our best lives’.”

“Yet almost two thirds of people worry about the effect this lack of control could have on their loved ones,” he continued.

“While we reflect on the year just gone and look ahead to the next, perhaps it’s time to refocus on our priorities in life and make 2019 the year we get ourselves sorted.”

David appears to have hit the nail on the head as it really looks like keeping a healthy balance in life is the number one struggle.

Of the 2,000 adults that took part in the survey, 78 percent said it really is a struggle to keep on top of the amount of admin they have to feat with in their lives, while 23 percent said they find it hard to keep their family lives on track,

Meanwhile, 16 percent said it’s their career that’s the biggest struggle.

With people finding balance to be the most difficult aspect of their busy lives, it seems no surprise most people don’t feel they have things on track.

So if you don’t have your life sorted by 39, maybe it doesn’t matter – it’s all an adventure, right? Right?