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The traditions of Christmas past! Brits are DITCHING carol singing, mistletoe and roasting chestnuts in favour of a pared-back ‘millennial’ festive season

  • Study from Ideal Home Show looks at Christmas traditions going out of fashion
  • Nearly eight in ten (78 per cent) won’t be watching Queen’s speech this year
  • Some 86 per cent of Brits are ditching the custom of hanging mistletoe
  • And just 16 percent of us making a trip to watch a pantomime this year

Roasting chestnuts, carol singing, and decking the halls with boughs of holly are just some of the long-held festive traditions in danger of becoming extinct, according to new research.

A study from Ideal Home Show has revealed a traditional British Christmas rituals which are falling by the wayside, with 86 per cent of Brits ditching the custom of hanging mistletoe in their home and 94 per cent saying they wouldn’t dream of going carol singing.

Nearly eight in ten (78 per cent) won’t bother watching the Queen’s speech this year, preferring to watch Netflix box sets, and only 22 per cent will insist on having a real Christmas tree.

And some traditions may already be ‘behind us’ with only 16 percent of us making a trip to watch a pantomime, the poll by the Ideal Home Show Christmas found.

The study of 2,000 Brits also reveals that only 15 per cent of the nation will decorate their homes with holly, and handmade marvels are a thing of Christmas past, with just one in ten of us creating traditional paper chains and just 19 per cent bothering to make a Christmas cake.

Yet some Christmas traditions are here to stay. In this world of instant messaging, 74 percent of Brits shun social media, preferring to hand-write and post-Christmas cards, rather than pinging out a ‘Merry Christmas’ post.

And nearly 60 per cent of the country wouldn’t dream of celebrating without a mince pie in hand, the survey found.

Almost sixty percent of Brits (58 per cent) will tuck into turkey for a traditional Christmas lunch, and 67 per cent are set to pull a cracker this Christmas Day.

And, despite the clean eating trend, 88 per cent of Brits would rather have a traditional fry up on Christmas morning than a healthier alternative like smashed avocado on toast.

A spokesman from the Ideal Home Show Christmas said: ‘We wanted to explore the new millennial way us Brits celebrate Christmas and in turn, discover what traditions of yesteryear are in need of a little revival.

‘To us, Christmas is all about celebrating generations of traditions and it’s heart-warming to hear that putting pen to paper to write a goodwill greeting and tucking in to a turkey with the family are ones standing the test of time.’


Revealed: The Christmas traditions that are dying out in Britain

  1. Go carol singing- (only 6 percent still do this)
  2. Hide a silver coin in your Christmas pudding- 6 percent
  3. Giving gifts to people who have helped you during the year (eg postman / milkman) – 8 percent
  4. Roast chestnuts- 9 percent
  5. Go to a carol service on Christmas Eve- 11 percent
  6. Light a brandy-soaked homemade Christmas pudding- 12 percent
  7. Have chestnut stuffing with your Christmas lunch- 13 percent
  8. Hang mistletoe in your home- 14 percent
  9. Hang holly and ivy in your home- 15 percent
  10. Kiss/ or get kissed under mistletoe- 16 percent
  11. Watch a pantomime- 16 percent
  12. Make decorations by hand (eg paperchains, handmade baubles)- 16 percent
  13. Make a Christmas cake- 19 percent
  14. Cook a gammon for Boxing Day- 21 percent
  15. Have a real Christmas tree in your home- 22 percent
  16. Leave a mince pie out for Father Christmas- 23 percent
  17. Hang stockings over the fireplace- 24 percent
  18. Go on a Boxing Day walk- 28 percent
  19. Light candles for your Christmas table- 32 percent
  20. Wear a Christmas jumper- 41 percent
  21. Have a Boxing Day buffet- 41 percent
  22. Place a fairy/star/other on top of your Christmas tree- 52 percent
  23. Wear a paper hat to eat Christmas lunch- 53 percent
  24. Have pigs in blankets with your Christmas lunch- 55 percent
  25. Have sprouts with your Christmas lunch- 56 percent