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Britain’s favourite emojis revealed: ‘Tears of joy’ and ‘thumbs’ up top the list of the 25 most popular (so, did YOUR favourite make the cut?)

  • Britain’s favourite emojis have been revealed following a nationwide survey
  • ‘Tears of joy’ top the list of 25 emojis, with thumbs up coming in second place
  • Egyptologist observes there is a ‘direct link’ between emojis and hieroglyphics

Britain’s favourite emoji has been revealed following a nationwide survey.

‘Face With Tears of Joy’ tops the list of the 25 most popular emojis, according to the study of 2,000 British adults.

‘Thumbs Up’, ‘Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes’ and ‘Face Blowing A Kiss’ take the second, third and fourth places, respectively, with ‘Hearts For Eyes’ rounding out the top five.

The survey, commissioned by TUTANKHAMUN: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh exhibition, explored how people are using emojis to replace language, with 91 per cent of respondents saying they use the icons in everyday communication.

Unsurprisingly, the data found that 43 per cent of people aged 16 to 29 use emojis every day compared to just 9 per cent of people over 60s.

Here, a closer look at the 25 most popular emojis and their meanings, according to emojipedia.org.


Revealed: 25 most popular emojis

  1. Face with Tears of Joy
  2. Thumbs Up
  3. Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes
  4. Face Blowing A Kiss
  5. Smiling Face with Heart Eyes
  6. Red Heart
  7. Rolling on the Floor Laughing
  8. Loudly Crying Face
  9. Thinking Face
  10. OK Hand
  11. See-No-Evil Monkey
  12. Facepalm
  13. Grimacing Face
  14. Clapping Hands
  15. Hugging Face
  16. Kiss Mark
  17. Speak-No-Evil Monkey
  18. Party Popper
  19. Face Screaming in Fear
  20. Weary Face
  21. Pile of Poo
  22. Person Shrugging
  23. Eyes
  24. Folded Hands
  25. Zany Face