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METRO, AUGUST 27, 2019

Jam should be applied to scones before cream, so say the majority

There’s one subject that divides Brits, and it’s nothing to do with Brexit.

Scones remain a major area of contention, from how to pronounce them (are you team rhymes with stone or gone?) to the all important question: what goes on first, cream or jam? Many have attempted to settle this debate once and for all, to no avail.

In Cornwall, the preference is to put jam on the scone first, topped with plenty of clotted cream. In Devon, it’s the reverse, cream first, then jam. A former royal chef for the Queen declared that at Buckingham palace it’s always jam first.

Bakers at Bettys tea room say there’s no hard and fast rule. But if we’re going with majority rules, it’s official: jam should be spread on scones before cream.* *Just on a personal note, I strongly disagree with this and refuse to accept this ruling. I shall put cream first ’til the day I die.

A survey of 2,000 Britons from around the country found that 52% believe jam should be spread before cream. Just 25% believe cream should go first while a further 19% say they don’t care either way.

We reckon that 19% could be convinced that cream should go first, but even then Devon style scone lovers wouldn’t have the majority. Sorry, all.

While you mourn the British public’s eating habits, you might also be saddened to know that the survey found most people think scone should rhyme with ‘gone’. 56% of those surveyed rhymed ‘scone’ with ‘gone’, while 44% rhymed it with ‘stone’.

This is one of those horrible moments when you realise you’re in the minority, look around at the country in which you live but do not recognise, and feel completely disillusioned.