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Britain’s ten friendliest cities

The value of good neighbours cannot be underestimated. We rely on them in an emergency and ask them to take in parcels or keep an eye on our homes when we’re away. And new research from giffgaff has revealed Nottingham to be the UK’s best place to live if you want to borrow a cup of sugar or jug of milk from next door, as 98 per cent of residents claim to know their neighbours well and look out for them.

Nottingham is closely followed by Cardiff, Newcastle and Liverpool. Those who claim it’s friendlier up north may have a point — only three cities in the south made it into the top ten.

Although 57 per cent of the 2,000 adults polled enjoy chatting over the garden fence, technology enables them to keep in touch in other ways — 36 per cent admitted to liking their neighbours’ posts on Facebook, while nearly a quarter are in a WhatsApp or email group, and one in six have helped people out in online forums.

We’ve pinpointed the places where you have the highest chance of bonding with your neighbours and have found a home for sale in each with communal facilities or where a sense of community is actively encouraged. So dismiss all preconceptions of cities being lonely places to live, as you may well discover a ready made social life right on your doorstep…