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Southerners have, on average, seven more close friends than Northerners

  • Those in the south of England have 30 close friends on average while their northern counterparts lag behind with 23

Southerners have seven more friends than people in the north, according to research.

It found the typical Southerner has 30, while it is 23 for Northerners.

And those in the North are more likely to prefer their own company, the poll suggested.

The average Brit has 24 friends. Men have 27 compared with 22 for women, researchers said. And social media is the main form of communication for 54% of those surveyed.

Kim Mills, of Foxy Bingo, which commissioned the poll, said: “We wanted to take a closer look at modern British friendships and it’s so interesting to see the regional spread in terms of friendship group sizes and how people value their friends.

“It’s no surprise to see so many of our friendships are played out online these days.”

The survey of 2,000 people aged between 18 and 60 found half of them are happy with the number of pals they have.

Of those quizzed, 9% believe friends are more important than family and 7% would rather spend time with their best friend than their partner.

Around 25% said they have been betrayed by a friend, while 16% are worried their mates don’t really like them.

A worrying 11% said there is no one they truly trust and 7% revealed they have a frenemy, someone they are friendly with but secretly dislike.