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Dinner parties on the rise, research finds

British households host one dinner party a month on average, according to a new survey commissioned by kitchen appliance manufacturers, Stoves.

Half of the 2,000 people surveyed by Ginger Research said they preferred to stay in and cook for friends than go out for dinner, with as many as 78% feeling the term “dinner party” is outdated and now referring to the gatherings as “kitchen suppers”.

Five in ten said serving prosecco is outdated and one should opt for an English sparkling wine or Cava, while a similar percentage said getting everyone out of the house by midnight is essential.

Other rules for a successful party in the modern age include never serving drinks in jam jars (27%), thinking carefully about pairing the wine (19%) and having a vegan option (19 percent).

When asked what their dream dish to serve up would be, respondents were keen to go the extra mile to impress their guests – an ambitious 5% of people said they’d serve up the notoriously tricky Beef Wellington.

A spokesperson for Stoves said: “The research shows that simply staying in and getting a take-away, or cooking a simple dish won’t suffice.

“We are going the extra mile to impress our guests and rather than just ‘staying in’ we’re ‘staying in-in’ by bringing a restaurant-style experience into the home – and with that comes new rules to live by.”