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UK’s most UNHEALTHY city revealed: Find out where yours ranks

  • BRITAIN’S most unhealthy city in the UK has been revealed with up to 60% there believing that they will go to an early grave, according to research.

Cardiff has been given the unwanted tag after a survey also concluded that Birmingham, Glasgow and London have problems with alcohol, lack of exercise and consumed too much processed, high sugar food.

As many as 58% of Glaswegians think their lifestyle will see them die younger than average compared to 50% in London.

It comes on the back of ONS figures that show alcohol related deaths in the UK are on a ten-year high.

The new survey by Freelatics examined people’s fears over health.

A quarter of adults blame everyday life as the main barrier against living healthily and it also leads to overeating and binge drinking.

More than half surveyed (52%) feel they will remain unhealthy for life with 15% saying they don’t even know how they could start living more healthily.

Almost half of people (43%) don’t have the five portions of fruit and veg that are recommended while four in ten don’t do 30 minutes exercise.

Some (60%) feel in a vicious cycle of binge drinking and under social pressure to fit in and have a drink.

The cost of healthy food is claimed to be a barrier by 22% and 38% blame junk food as being too tempting to resist.

Daniel Sobhani, CEO of Freelatics, who carried out the study as part of its Dare to be Free campaign, said: “It’s extremely worrying that the majority of the nation are not living the healthiest lives they could be.

“Our study revealed a myriad of common barriers that get in the way of people being healthier and more active and the fact that a shocking 88% feel powerless to change their lifestyle is something we want to change.”