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The shocking reason 62% of British men hide from their families over Christmas

  • Festivities are a time to get together, but British blokes spend on average 11 hours hiding away from family.

For many Christmas is a family affair, aunts and uncles you haven’t seen for ages reappear and suddenly your hosting a turkey roast for 20 people.

But for some the extended family celebrations and festive meals can get a bit too much.

A new nationwide poll has revealed that a whopping 62% of British guys desperately seek time away during Christmas, with the average man sneaking off for 11 hours over the festive period.

The reason? According to the results, 27% of those who took part claimed they wanted quiet time to avoid a row with their partners, while 25% did so to run away from a political argument with a relative or in-law.

Others claimed games and domestic chores were the reason for ditching the family get together.

With 21% not wanting to take part in charades and 18% wanting to avoid doing a mountain of washing up.

While 41% snooped off to the bedroom for some quiet time, others went further and hid in the garage or retreated to a friend’s house.

The study was commissioned by shelving and racking company Tufferman and 2,000 men took part.

Of those, 12% revealed they retreated to a man cave for some alone time during festivities.

A spokesperson for the company said: “This study shows how men like a place they can call their own as much as women, and they also like to kit it out well.

“Perhaps some organisational tools might make a good last minute present.”