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XMAS BY EXCEL: From 504 mince pies to 1,008 sprouts and 882 hours of shopping – we decode your Christmas

New research by Amazon has revealed the average lifetime of Christmas in numbers

THE average Brit will devour 504 mince pies, consume a staggering 1,008 sprouts and endure over 1,000 hours of festive songs over the course of their adult LIFETIME, according to a new survey.

New research by Amazon has revealed the average lifetime of Christmas in numbers, with the data revealing we will sit through as many as 63 carol services over our lives and purchase the same number of new Christmas party outfits.

We will also travel 20,097 miles (almost once around the world) to get home and back again for Christmas as well as attending 126 Christmas parties, pull an average of 252 Christmas crackers and fork out for an average of 1,386 gifts for family and friends in our adult lifetime.

We will hang 1,827 Christmas baubles on the tree and receive a whopping 630 gifts over the average 63 Christmases we will enjoy in out adult lives (between 18 and 81)

And we love Christmas so much that 27 per cent of British adults still receive Christmas stockings every year.

The study found ‘must-have’ Christmas stocking items are chocolate coins (59 per cent of Brits say these are the one item it must contain, followed by satsumas (39 per cent), socks (23 per cent), and miniature toiletries (17 per cent). And 12 per cent expect a scratch card.

Almost two thirds of us would rather be given a surprise gift than something they’ve asked for, according to the poll.

While the average Briton will buy 22 presents this Christmas, those in Oxford are the most generous, splashing out on 33 gifts for their friends and family followed by the residents of Sheffield who purchase on average 26 presents. Closely behind are the people of Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne who buy on average 25 gifts each.



  • The average Brit in a lifetime of Christmas….
  • Will buy 1,386 gifts (22 per year)
  • Will spend 882 hours Christmas shopping (14 hours a year)
  • Receive 630 Christmas presents (10 per year)
  • Will travel 20,097 miles getting home and back for Christmas (319 per year)
  • Will attend 126 Christmas parties (2 per year)
  • Will listen to 1,008 hours of Christmas songs
  • Will wear purchase 63 new party outfits (1 per year)
  • Will attend 63 carol services (1 per year)
  • Will pull 252 Christmas crackers (4 per year)
  • Will consume 1,008 SPROUTS in a lifetime (16 per year)
  • Will eat 504 mince pies (8 per year)
  • Will hang 1,827 Christmas baubles (29 per year)