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CHORE BLIMEY! Brits spend 441 days of their adult lifetime doing chores that they hate, research finds

  • A survey found that we are slaves to boring domestic chores and tedious tasks with an average of 284 days being spent to cooking for our family.

The average Brit spends a staggering 441 DAYS of their adult lifetime, doing household chores they RESENT doing, according to a new study.

A nationwide survey has revealed the true extent to which we are slaves to domestic chores and tedious administrative tasks, with an average of 284 days of our lives dedicated to cooking endless meals for our families – and a staggering 126 days spent sorting finances and paying bills.

Collectively, we will waste 221 days of our life doing the weekly food shop, a total of 125 days cleaning the LOO and 126 days cleaning and tidying up after our other half.

Depressingly, we will also endure 94 days of cleaning and wiping down the oven and spend a further 95 days loading and unloading the dishwasher.

So it’s no surprise that 82 percent of the nation reckon they spend their life ploughing through regular household tasks they resent doing, with 41 percent of time poor

Brits admitting they HATE doing housework and 40 percent claiming they’d much rather spend the time doing something else.

And when it comes to the jobs we loathe the most, unsurprisingly, cleaning the loo came top with 28 percent of the vote, followed by cleaning the oven (26 percent) and waiting in call centre queues in order to sort life admin (26 percent).

Filling in an annual tax return, and cooking separate meals for different family members also emerged as some of the day to day things Brits are most resentful about, according to a new study.

The research found that re-washing crockery by hand after the dishwasher has failed, scrubbing the oven, and trying terminate a mobile contract by phone only to have the call handler keep trying to persuade you to stay were also on the list.

The study, by FreeAgent – who provide software for freelancers and small business owners – found that a third (32 percent) of Brits feel stressed out because of all the endless boring tasks in their lives.



  • 441 days resenting household tasks
  • 126 days paying bills
  • 284 days cooking for your family
  • 221 days going food shopping
  • 126 days ferrying kids around in the car
  • 95 days loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • 221 days doing laundry
  • 127 days doing DIY and practical tasks
  • 126 days cleaning up after pets
  • 125 days cleaning the loo
  • 189 days cleaning the kitchen
  • 94 days cleaning the oven
  • 95 days cleaning windows
  • 126 days cleaning up after your other half