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UNITED KING-NOM: Map of Britain’s work snacking habits reveals Gary Lineker’s old stomping ground Leicester is crisp capital while Maidstone munches most doughnuts

THE biggest crisp eaters in Britain live in Gary Lineker’s old stomping ground, a national snacks survey reveals.

Residents in Leicester — where Walkers ad man Gary once played — scoff nine packets a month compared to the average seven.

Ex-footballer Gary, 58, said: “It’s no surprise to me.”

The city is also home to Walkers crisps factory, the biggest in the world.

But other towns and cities snack on more chips, chocolate, sweets and cakes — mainly to keep them going at work.

In fact office workers munch 81,000 calories a year between meals while at their desks.

That’s 6,766 calories a month, equivalent to eight roast dinners. Around the country:

  • LONDONERS eat the most CHIPS as snacks, scoffing six portions a month instead of the national average of four;
  • NORWICH natives chew the most CHOCOLATE at seven bars compared to five;
  • STOKE-ON-TRENT guzzles the most FIZZY DRINK, downing ten cans a month instead of six;
  • BRUMMIES suck on the most SWEETS — consuming five packets a month while the rest of us have four;
  • MAIDSTONE is devoted to DOUGHNUTS, at four a month compared to three.
  • COVENTRY loves CAKE, at five slices a month, while the average number is three.
  • CARDIFF can’t get enough of DANISH PASTRIES, scoffing four a month instead of three;
  • SOUTHAMPTON has the most ICE CREAM — five portions a month compared to three;
  • And WOLVERHAMPTON won’t say no to MILKSHAKES — at five a month instead of three.

Food firm Sushi Daily quizzed 3,500 Brits about their snacking habits.

One in ten were so ashamed by how much they consumed at work, they kept it a secret from their family.

Forty per cent said they were most likely to snack in the afternoon, when energy levels dip.

The same amount eats fast food for lunch every day, with 15 per cent having burger and fries on a daily basis.

Nutritionist Daniel O’Shaughnessy said: “A healthy diet should be rich in fruit and veg, unprocessed whole grains, good healthy fats such as avocado, and olive oil, and lean protein.”