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UN-BREW-LIEVABLE: Idiot students are phoning their mums and dads to ask how to make a cup of tea

Clueless students are phoning their mums and dads to ask how to make a cuppa.

Questions range from whether to put milk in first to how long to leave the teabag to brew.

The same number of adult kids — one in 20 — ask for help on how to work a microwave. Three per cent even struggle with ­toasters.

Other regular queries include where to find “best before” dates on food (27 per cent), how to cook meat (23 per cent) and how to hammer a nail into a wall (20 per cent).

Twelve per cent don’t know how to turn on an oven, while eight per cent need advice on how to do the washing up.

The poll of 2,000 parents revealed one in five blamed themselves for doing everything for their child before they left home.

It also showed that students call home 132 times on average during their first year at university.

And they lose or break around £550-worth of belongings, especially phones.

Endsleigh Insurance, which carried out the survey, said: “Anything’s possible when you head off for a new life at university, and it can come as a real shock to young students who have been used to living with their parents for their whole lives.

“For many students, it’s ­reassuring to know that parents or relatives are just a phone call away, and on hand to offer support and guidance when things go wrong.”