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TAKE-AWAY TANTRUMS: Men prefer curry while women prefer Chinese as couples face bitter rows over Deliveroo orders, study says

  • Almost half of British couples argue over their take-away choice with one in ten females admitting to sulking to get what they want

A nationwide poll of 2,000 British couples by Deliveroo has revealed almost HALF are locked in a bitter debate each weekend about what take-away to order, with the nation’s women getting their way 63 percent of the time – and men only getting what they ACTUALLY want 37 percent of the time.

In fact, if you asked most blokes what they wanted to order in, the majority would opt for a curry, with the highest number of men (24 percent) saying a Ruby Murray is their all-time favourite choice.

However, this clashes with the nation’s females, who distinctly voted for Chinese as their ultimate take-away favourite, with almost a third (29 percent) saying they love nothing more.

And when it comes to getting their own way, one in ten females admit they have sulked to get what they want and a further 10 percent have REFUSED to eat whatever turned up because it wasn’t exactly what they wanted.

Almost one in twenty (four percent) of couples even admit to having bust ups because they don’t like what has been chosen, while eight percent have moped for almost TWO DAYS after not getting their own way when it comes to what take-away was ordered.

The findings revealed UK couples order an average of two take-aways a week, taking an average of 16 minutes to deliberate and finally agree over what to choose.

Overall, Chinese remains the favourite however for the average Brit, with 26 percent of people voting for it.

Indian came second place (22 percent), pizza in fourth (12 percent) and fish and chips landing fourth place (13 percent).

But the constant carping between couples means that for one in every ten takeaways – one partner refuses to eat what has been chosen.

The findings have been released as Deliveroo launches Food Market in the UK, allowing Brits to order from multiple restaurants in just one order – hopefully putting an end to the dicey issue of what to order for dinner.

Dan Warne, UK and Ireland Managing Director at Deliveroo said: “The number one thing Deliveroo customers ask us for is the ability to order from multiple restaurants in one order, with Food Market we’re making that a reality – so now everyone can get exactly what they want.”

The most common cause of disagreement was couples just “not fancying” what their partner wanted at the time (30 percent).

One in five rows are down to someone wanting spicier food than their partner while the cost of the food causes 17 percent of rows and one person in the couple being on a diet causes 12 percent of arguments.

Forty percent of couples admit to having compromised and ordered two takeaways in one night to keep everyone content.

Chinese food won once more as the sexiest takeaway with 22 percent saying it was most likely to lead to a night of passion, however after that, Italian food stormed into second place with 19 percent.

Indian came in third with 15 percent saying a curry was likely to get them in the mood.

Italian food is the second sexiest take-away, with Chinese the most likely to get people in the mood