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CONFIDENCE CRISIS: From being shocked by their reflections in shop windows to being ignored in bed, Brit females suffer 1,460 blows to their confidence a year

  • Britain’s millennial females suffering an average of 1,460 confidence knocks a year

Modern British females feel bad about themselves four times every day – suffering an average of 1,460 confidence knocks a year, according to a new study.

A nationwide study revealed the extent to which many are suffering a crisis of confidence, with a further 60 per cent of young women claiming to have low self-esteem.

The report into the attitudes of the nation’s women, revealed 61 per cent of British females do not consider themselves a confident person, with seven per cent saying they never feel confident.

More than a fifth of the 2,000 millennial females polled said being told they look tired made their confidence crash, and 26 per cent admit that being left out of friends’ plans destroyed self-esteem.

Other confidence knockers to emerge were friends ignoring their messages at 23 per cent, seeing other people’s ‘perfect’ lives on social media for 21 percent, and the same amount citing being talked about at work

As many as 18 per cent of women said that seeing their partner eye up another woman was a big blow to their self-confidence, while 15 per cent said that their other half not wanting to get intimate with them made their confidence levels plunge.

But worryingly, the study, by lip care experts Blistex found the biggest blow to females is catching a glimpse of themselves reflected in a shop window, with 39 per cent of women saying this makes their confidence take a nose dive, followed by not being able to fit into jeans anymore at 29 per cent and having a bad skin day worrying 28 per cent.

As many as 27 per cent of women said that thinking their friends were talking about them always made them feel insecure, while almost a quarter (24 percent) claim that having a cold sore made their confidence sink.

The study found that 29 percent of those polled said their confidence levels fluctuated constantly, with 28 percent agreeing that it didn’t take much to knock their self-confidence. And one in 5 said they only truly feel confident with their close family and friends.

Researchers found that a third of women said they are much less confident when they feel stressed, and 29 per cent that feeling tired brings them down. And 17 per cent admitted having a cold sore makes them feel more insecure.

Happily, 63 percent of women say their confidence has increased with age, with 14 per cent claiming they feel more confident than they ever have before, with 39 per cent confessing that they care less about what other people think now than when they were younger, which boosts their self-esteem.

39 percent of women polled said they would not feel confident at all going out for the day with no make-up on, with 17 percent saying they hate to be seen without any slap.

Anne Rodgers, Brand Manager at Blistex said: “We wanted to run research on what makes women feel confident and what makes them lose confidence, and it’s shocking to see just how many triggers there are that can affect women’s self-esteem.

“Whether it comes from social interactions, or fears about not looking their best, it’s clear that women have many obstacles to overcome on the path to self-assurance.

“We want to help women feel their very best, and with self-esteem being linked to appearance and having a cold sore being a top confidence crusher – using anti–viral treatment creams such as Blistex Cold Sore Cream can prevent cold sores from developing fully.”

The research also found regional differences when it came to self-confidence for the nation’s women.



Things that crush modern women’s confidence on a daily basis:

  1. Seeing yourself reflected in a shop window and not liking what you see (39 percent)
  2. Not being able to fit into your jeans anymore (29 percent)
  3. Having a bad skin day (28 percent)
  4. Someone making a joke at your expense (28 percent)
  5. Having a bad hair day (28 percent)
  6. Thinking your friends are talking about you behind your back (27 percent)
  7. Making a mistake at work (27 percent)
  8. Being left out of a social gathering that your friends are going to (26 percent)
  9. Having a cold sore (24 percent)
  10. Friends ignoring your messages (23 percent)
  11. Being told you look tired (22 percent)
  12. Seeing other people’s ‘perfect’ lives on social media (21 percent)
  13. Being talked over/interrupted at work (21 percent)
  14. Having a shop assistant be rude to you (20 percent)
  15. When your make-up won’t go right (20 percent)
  16. Realising – via social media – that your friends are on a night out while you’re in on your own (19 percent)
  17. Your partner eyeing up another woman (18 percent)
  18. People forgetting your birthday (18 percent)
  19. Having someone cancel a meet up with you at the last minute (17 percent)
  20. A colleague getting praised for your work (16 percent)