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LEFT TO ROT: British families cost themselves £100 a year by carelessly storing their garden items during winter

  • Hapless Brits are set to abandon their gardens over the next few weeks – causing over £2 BILLION worth of winter damage to their outside spaces, according to a new study.

New research of British homeowners has revealed as many as 60 per cent of Britons are in the process of moving indoors and hunkering down until next spring.

But the study shows we do not store everything away as carefully as we should, with the average family set to fork out just over £100 next year – replacing abandoned, winter-damaged garden furniture including chairs and tables, gazebos, paddling pools, garden tools and plants – adding up to a whopping £2,448,000,000 UK-wide.

And that’s after they have already shelled out an average of £196 on their gardens this summer already, according the the poll.

One of the most regularly damaged items is garden furniture which has to be replaced or mended most years by almost one in five Brits.

That was followed by barbecues (13 per cent) and fences (13 per cent).

And 42 per cent of the 1,500 homeowners polled admit that they won’t do any gardening at all in the winter and are guilty of letting everything rot.

And only 27 per cent of people will do the appropriate amount of mulching, pruning and planting to prepare for next spring.

The study was commissioned by garden storage company Keter.

“As the last burst of warmer weather comes to an end most of us are preparing for the onset of the colder months,” said Kerry Murfin, from Keter.

“We get all of our winter gear out of storage, but it’s important not to forget about packing up our gardens.

“If garden gear is kept safe from the elements and secure, we can enjoy it once again in spring.”

According to the research, 74 per cent of us are now willing winter on.

And despite warm weather in many parts of the country this weekend, a further, 60 per cent say this weekend is when they unleash their winter wardrobes by getting the jumpers out, 37 per cent will light the fire.

Over one in ten of those polled said they will be having their first roast of the season this Sunday.

For people who hate winter, it’s a tough time and the most common reason for loathing the season given is the cost of heating which is disliked by 52 per cent of people closely followed by the shorter days (51 per cent) and simply the temperature falling (48 per cent).

The study appears to show that the younger you are, the more you are willing on winter, with 85 per cent of 16-to-29 year olds willing on winter compared to only 70 per cent of over 60s.