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HO HO NO-NO: Over half of Brits are SICK of Christmas already after overindulging in festive food and booze

  • Researchers found that as many 60 percent of Brits say they’re already ‘over’ the festive holiday after an onslaught of festive fun which kicked off as early as November 1

More than HALF of the nation are officially sick of Christmas – having already overindulged in food, drink and festive socialising, according to a new study.

Researchers polled the nation and discovered as many as 60 percent of Brits say they’re already ‘over’ Christmas, after an onslaught of festive fun which kicked off as early as 1 November.

But by this weekend (8th and 9th December), the average Brit will have already over indulged in two Christmas work drinks sessions, scoffed two Christmas dinners, 25 festive chocolates and been out for an average of THREE Christmas knees ups – and all this with weeks more of eating, drinking and socialising to go.

We will also have watched FOUR Christmas movies, listened to 35 Christmas songs and eaten 12 mince pies.

The poll of 1500 British adults, commissioned by Gordon’s Ultra Low – a new gin with less than 0.5 percent ABV, found that more than HALF (58 percent) of Brits are already thinking of ways they can avoid some of the forthcoming Christmas events in their diary, with almost a quarter (22 percent) admitting they are DREADING all of them.

And a third (33 percent) of Brits confess that they have too many things planned and are therefore bound to end up overindulging.

18 percent of those polled are worried about being busy every evening of the week, wishing they could simply cancel all plans.

And as many as 83 percent of the nation admit that they overindulge in food and drink at this time of year, with two thirds of men and 48 percent of women confessing they find it hard to moderate what they drink.

Festive overindulgence leaves a third of Brits feeling tired and unhealthy, 42 percent bloated, 41 percent sluggish, and 33 percent feeling totally exhausted.

Rachel Andrews, Clinical Psychologist comments: “We have so many unrealistic expectations about Christmas – idealised images from films, TV and social media – which lead us to think that we should be celebrating Christmas in a certain way. When we can’t achieve these ideals, it triggers concern that we aren’t ‘living our best lives’ which can lead to feeling pressured into trying to do everything – which is exhausting and unsustainable.

“We need to feel confident that we can make individual choices about how we want to spend the festive period and the new year to ensure we find a balance that works for us – it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

“You can moderate your consumption, but not your celebrations by saying cheers this Christmas and January with Gordon’s Ultra Low and my top tips.”

Researchers found that 63 percent of Brits are already considering their January health kick, with almost a quarter (23 percent) planning to moderate their calorie intake in the new year, 17 percent vowing to start a new fitness regime, 12 percent promising themselves they’ll join a gym, and 9 percent aiming to have cut down on their drinking.

Despite these good intentions, two thirds (67 percent) of those polled said they find such New Year’s resolutions hard to maintain throughout the whole year, with a quarter of Brits admitting they ditch them before January is over, and 29 percent confessing it’s hard to suddenly cut out all the treats and indulgences that December brings in one go.

In fact, eight out of ten people (83 percent) say that they feel December and January are months of two extremes, with two thirds (67 percent) claiming they believe they’d feel better and be happier if they could practise moderation and balance in what they eat and drink throughout the year.

Charlotte Gibbon, Head of Gordon’s, comments: “December and January can certainly be a time of two extremes and it’s evidently something that resonates with all of us. We’d like to encourage the nation to enjoy this festive season and the new year, in equal measure and we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Gordon’s Ultra Low Down.