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MAKE IT WORK: Stop badmouthing your boss & dress to impress to be successful in your job, high earners claim

  • Research has found that Britain’s highest earners also climbed the career ladder by owning up to mistakes and not being afraid to speak their mind

Don’t bitch about the boss, always dress to impress and avoid office flings at all costs – have emerged among a list of secrets on how to be successful in your career – according to people who earn over £100k a year.

New research of the nation’s highest earners has revealed a host of tips on how to climb the career ladder according to high earners, with owning up to your own mistakes also featuring among the list of ways to make the most of your career.

Getting a good night’s sleep, showing up on time every morning and steering clear of office politics were also key to getting ahead in the work place.

As was, not being afraid to speak your mind in meetings, pulling your weight when it comes to the tea round and being a good listener.

The research found 14 percent of high-flyers said whilst it was important to attend all work functions, it was imperative to never get drunk and make a show of yourself.

Sex twice a week and being sure to regularly flatter the boss were also tips for getting ahead.

Half of the 150 100k earners polled by www.fundingguru.com felt that anyone can succeed in business if they try hard enough and 58 percent said those who don’t succeed are likely to lack motivation.

Nearly half (48 percent) said their success in business was purely down to their own hard work, but 52 percent said it comes down to both luck and hard work in equal measures.

More than half of those surveyed were confident enough to say that they had ‘made it’ and three quarters said their peers regarded them as one of life’s success stories.

Matt Haycox of www.fundingguru.com who commissioned the report said: “This research highlights some sound advice from individuals who earn substantially more than the national average.

“But whether you earn ten thousand pounds a year or one hundred thousand pounds, tips like never being late and being keen to keep learning will always stand you in good stead, no matter what field or industry you work in.

“The findings clearly show that if you’re willing to learn, ask for help when you need it and be straight up with people you work with, you’re on the right track to increasing your income.

“This is very interesting as it shows that with a bit of hard work and by keeping things simple you can earn significantly more than you do now, which is advice we give to all the businesses that we advise and provide finance for.

“Interestingly not one of the tips uncovered in the study requires any special talents, showing that any one person can see their earning potential soar just by applying themselves.”

A blunt 47 percent said being lazy was what held many Brits back and 28 percent said not setting yourself clear career goals from a young age was detrimental.

According to the poll, the typical professional earning in excess of 100 thousand pounds is likely to put in nine-hour days and one in five claim they stay working late every day of the week.

But a cocky 22 percent said once you get to a certain point in your career you never have to work after hours.

The biggest inspirations to high-earners was their Dad (29 percent), their Mum (25 percent) or a business icon in the public eye (21 percent).