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BAD BEHAVIOUR: From queue-jumping to bare feet at work — the bad habits which Brits ‘think should be criminal’, study claims

  • In fact, 61 percent of Brits polled believe that people who commit ‘small crimes’ don’t care about the world around them

Everyday actions many of us would like to see made a criminal offence including using your phone in the cinema and playing music through phone speakers, have been revealed in nationwide research.

Other ‘offences’ we’d like to see outlawed include eating foul smelling food on public transport, excessive public displays of affection, and bare feet in the office.

In fact, 61 percent of Brits polled believe that people who commit many of these ‘small crimes’ don’t care about the world around them, and should be fined to teach them a lesson.

But many of those polled were so miffed about other people’s behaviour that they would be willing to go further and put offenders behind bars – even if just for one night – to teach them what is and isn’t acceptable.

However, 66 percent admitted to committing these anti-social acts themselves in the past. Over a quarter of the 2,000 respondents surveyed by TV Channel CBS Justice said that driving in the middle lane of the motorway should be a criminal offence.

22 percent said that the consequence of letting kids run riot in restaurants should result in a night behind bars. While, 25 percent said they’d put an end to restaurant rudeness by fining people who are impolite to waiters.

The research from CBS Justice also reveals that 86 percent of the Brits polled think people are less considerate now than they were in their parents’ day.

In fact, three quarters of respondents said they’d happily pay their debts to society for these types of infractions, if it would serve as a warning to others.

50 percent of respondents said they’d even tell their friends off if they misbehave. A further 12 percent said they couldn’t be pals with someone who continually carried out any of these acts.

Over-60s are most particular when it comes to using public transport, with 40 percent of this age bracket eager to see noisy behaviour in the quiet train carriage punished, compared to a 21 percent response from 16 to 29 year-olds.

Regionally, Leicester is the ‘criminal’ capital of the UK, with 83 percent of the local population confessing to these types of anti-social behaviour; nearly a third more than the well-mannered folk of Norwich.

“This study shows that the British population has an abiding love of law and order – and perhaps a bit of a sense of humour about it all too”, said a spokesperson of CBS Justice.

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