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MUM’S THE WORD: Women wear the trousers in most British households, research finds

  • A nationwide study asked kids who they thought was in charge at home and a resounding 87 per cent chose mum over dad

A nationwide study of kids and teens has revealed that a resounding 87 PERCENT of five to 16-year-olds, when asked who is in charge at home, chose MUM over dad.

In fact, as many as 33 percent said their dad always does what he is told, while a further 57 percent said he rarely goes against the female of the house.

And the survey revealed it may now be the nation’s dads threatening “just wait until your mother gets home”, with a resounding 76 percent of the children agreeing they get told off more by their mum, with dads a softer touch.

More than half of the 2,000 girls and boys polled said their mum inspires them, with 48 percent saying it is because she is funny, 46 percent claiming it is because she organises everything and 45 percent admitting they are inspired by her culinary skills.

Almost two thirds (62 percent) thought mum was cooler than dad, 41 percent said she was definitely the most fun parent and 33 percent added that she probably was the most fun.

One in four children (26 percent) still think dad is the more fun parent, and just 38 percent think dad is cooler than mum.


More than nine out of 10 (91 percent) said they go to their mother when they feel sick rather than their father and 90 percent said she gives the best cuddles.

Yet, the children polled were split exactly 50/50 on which parent was scariest when really cross.

The research, which was commissioned by Goodfella’s pizza to celebrate The Godmother – star of its new TV advertising campaign, found that 43 percent go to mum for permission for everything

The research, also found that mums take the reins when it comes to organisation, with 47 percent of children saying their mum was always the person who dealt with their school stuff.

More than a third (38 percent) said their mum was the person they spent most time with during the week, while 46 percent said she makes them feel better.

A spokesperson for Goodfella’s said: “Despite modern dads playing a bigger role at home than ever before, the research clearly shows that kids still see their mum as ‘the boss’ and the parent who keeps everything in order.

Our new TV ad celebrates a strong matriarch, who like many British mums has high standards, commands respect without having to say a word and only ever serves the best quality food to her family

More than half (56 percent) said they are most likely to tell their mum their secrets and 44 percent said she definitely works harder than their dad when it comes to caring for them.

British kids based in Leicester are the most likely to think their mum is boss, at 95 percent. Cambridge residents were the least likely of the nation, at 72 percent.