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WEDDED MISS: Spending five days and nights apart every month is the secret to a happy marriage, says survey

THE secret to a happy marriage is spending five days a month apart, a ­survey reveals.

Those who have to work away from home on a regular basis say they are happier in their relationships.

It makes them realise how much they miss their loved ones and makes it more passionate when they are together.

But five days is the optimum time to be away — as contentment falls away if the separation is any longer or shorter.

Accounts boss Richard Scott, 35, regularly leaves wife Rebecca at home in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

He said: “Time apart is as important as time together — it makes you realise how much you mean to each other.”

The poll of 2,000 people for Travelodge found four in ten who worked away were extremely happy in their relationships.

It was only three in ten for those together all the time.

Other advantages of working away included staying in a hotel with a big bed to themselves, no arguments over the telly and tucking into a fry-up for breakfast.

And four in ten of those left at home said it gave them welcome time to themselves.