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A HOME TRUTH: Three in 10 Brits feel trapped in a house they can’t stand, a survey shows

  • New research on British home owners revealed more than 50 per cent believe they don’t have an emotional connection with their house and a quarter wish they lived somewhere else

Three in ten Brits feel trapped in a house they can’t stand, new research shows.

Researchers polled the nation’s home owners and discovered as many as a quarter (26 percent) wish they lived somewhere else, with 56 percent believing they have no emotional connection with their house whatsoever and three in ten going to far as to say they hate it.

However as many as 60 percent of those who dislike their home feel they have no option other than to stay put, as the stress of moving is too much.

And over half (53 percent) say they simply couldn’t afford to move because of the stamp duty.

According to the study of 2,000 homeowners by online estate agents Yopa, a disillusioned 12 percent of those polled said their house is simply somewhere to “hang their hat”.

Antisocial neighbours (17 percent), the fear of crime (16 percent), too much traffic (14 percent) and the property simply being too small (26 percent) emerged as just some of the reasons why we can’t stand our abodes.

According to those polled moving house (40 percent) is more daunting than most other life events, such as getting divorced (34 percent), having a baby (31 percent), starting a new job (27 percent) and organising a wedding (25 percent).

In fact, the only life event which came higher in the stress stakes, was a bereavement, according to the study.

Over a third (34 percent) of Brits suffered severe anxiety during their last move, while a massive 40 percent were left feeling depressed and the same percentage said they became physically ill by the process.

Nearly two-thirds of people (65 percent) said they had suffered from sleep deprivation over moving house.

The study discovered that when it comes to actually moving, the cost was the most stressful part of the operation, with over half (53 percent) of the homeowners saying money issues were the thing which put them off most.

Ben Poynter, CEO of Yopa, said: “Our nationwide study has revealed just how many people have negative feelings about where they currently live.

“At the same time, people feel unable or are unwilling to make a move because of fears about costs and the stress of the moving process.

“Brits have said they know that moving will make them happier in the end but many feel stuck between a rock and a hard place and worst of all they’re losing sleep over it.

“We all want our home and community to be somewhere we feel happy, safe and content.

“Yopa is taking a stand to help home movers have a smooth move – our fair fixed fees and dedicated local agents are there to help them to stay in control throughout the process.”

In terms of what Brits think would make moving home easier, smaller estate agents fees came top (42 percent), followed by more transparency (37 percent) and a free utility switching service (34 percent).