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ME TIME: British men will spend 11 hours over the festive period hiding away from their families and trying to get a bit of ‘me time’

  • A nationwide poll of men found that up to 62 per cent of guys will desperately seek time away from the in-laws this Christmas

Unsociable British men will spend 11 hours over Christmas, hiding away from their families.

A nationwide poll of British men has revealed, amidst the festive meals and extended family celebrations, the best present a man can get, is a bit of “me time”.

In fact, as many as 62 per cent of the guys polled admitted they will be desperately seeking time away from the in-laws this festive period, with the average bloke intending to slip off for a total of eleven hours over the course of the Christmas week.

But while a third hope to disappear without saying a word, others are already preparing their excuses, with “I need a nap” topping the list of feeble lines at 22 per cent, followed by “I need the loo” with 17 per cent and “I’ve got a headache” for 14 per cent.

A more duplicitous one in ten will pretend to be catching up on some work, while six per cent will act as if they are off to another room to “tidy up” – and five per cent are even willing to fake a stomach bug.

27 per cent said they’d be finding quiet time to avoid a row with their partner, while a quarter said they’d be running away from a political argument with a relative or in-law.

However, there are also some plain old spoilsports, with one in five desperate to avoid charades, 18 per cent dodging the Christmas washing up and 15 per cent admitting to escaping any sort of tidying.

The bedroom is the most commonly sought oasis of calm, with 41 per cent saying they like to escape there, followed by the pub for 16 per cent of men.

Seven per cent will lock themselves away in the garage, while 6 per cent will sneak away to a friend’s house, one in twenty will dodge the festivities in the shed, while a further 3 per cent have built a retreat in the attic.

In fact, a lucky 12 per cent of British men say they have a specially decked out “man cave” in their house, which they intend to make the most of this Christmas, with 21 per cent of those who have their own space saying it is decked out with a widescreen TV, 17 per cent having a games console, 13 per cent boasting their own bookshelves and a lucky six per cent even have a pool table.

he nation’s men will be slipping away from celebrations for a variety of reasons, with TV and films being the main draw.

Over 40 per cent of men want some time alone with the remote, choosing what they want to watch. Meanwhile, 39 per cent just want to listen to music on their own.

The web held a big attraction too, with a third of men saying they’ll be solo surfing this Christmas, while 31 per cent will be nipping off for a nap and 30 per cent want to watch a football match on TV.

A spokesperson for shelving and racking company Tufferman which commissioned the study said: “This study shows how men like a place they can call their own as much as women, and they also like to kit it out well. Perhaps some organisational tools might make a good last minute present.”

And a man cave is clearly something to be admired as two thirds of the lucky people who have one say that their friends are jealous of their space.

Despite this work avoidance, 95 per cent of the 2,000 men polled said that they never feel guilty about finding some “me time” at Christmas.

And 85 per cent of people who do get a break feel much better after they have some time alone.

Also 85 per cent believe that everyone understands they need some time alone during the Christmas festivities. Indeed three-quarters of people said that they would support a new Christmas tradition of “me time” for everyone.