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TO HAVE & TO SCOLD: One in twenty married Brits RUINED their wedding by getting drunk, study reveals

Marriage mayhem is often caused by table plans, budgets and choosing the dress

Seven per cent of married couples say their wedding day was spoiled by too much alcohol, according to a new study.

However, according to the findings, booze is not the only reason many were disappointed with their big day.

One in ten said the weather ruined their nuptials, ten per cent were so stressed they couldn’t enjoy themselves and just over one in twenty admitted realising they were marrying the wrong person.

The study of 1,000 married Brits by Instantprint revealed, overall, as many as 59 per cent claim their wedding day could have been much better, with more than one in three saying they hated it.

A brutally honest six per cent admitted that their wedding day was boring.

Meanwhile, 14 per cent said they wish they and their guests hadn’t gotten so drunk.

It then comes as no surprise that one in ten said they wish they had just got married abroad and one in ten wish they had simply eloped.

When it came to planning, exactly a third admitted to arguing with their betrothed about the ceremony or reception.



Marriage mayhem was caused by managing budgets, table plans, and choosing the dress.

Other planning problems came as 16 per cent said they hated dealing with their partner’s parents, the same amount found finding the right venue difficult and a pessimistic seven per cent worried about being left at the altar.

Around 14 per cent said they struggled to choose a best man or maid of honour. Almost a fifth said the biggest thing they wish they had right was the photographer and 15 per cent said they would have changed the bridesmaid or groomsmen.

One in five women worried about their dress and an eighth fretted over their hair and make-up.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for those who have been a groom, a quarter of men worried most about writing their speeches.

Though the terror didn’t last for long as three quarters said the day went by in a flash.



Jon Constantine-Smith, Head of instantprint, said “Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and it’s shocking to find that so many Brits are disappointed in how their big day turned out.

“There is a lot of planning that goes into one day and we have worked with our buyers to reveal current trends, colours and styles for our new wedding stationery line and we hope it can ease a little pressure for those couples planning their nuptials in the future.”

The survey also found that 39 per cent said they would tell future brides and grooms to remember that they can’t please everyone and more than a third added that it only matters what you and your future husband want.

A savvy 30 per cent said not to feel pressure to invite people you don’t want to, 16 per cent thought they should try to ignore social media and 17 per cent wanted them to know that it is OK not to have a free bar.

More than a quarter said to remember that there are always things you can’t control, and a further 17 per cent said to expect the unexpected. Sadly, seven per cent simply would recommend not getting married at all.

On the other hand, 64 per cent said they would do it all again if they had the chance.