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BEST OF BRITISH: The NHS, our sense of humour and a full English breakfast top list of things that make us proud to be British

A NATIONWIDE study has revealed what stirs our national pride the most, with our free NHS the jewel in the crown, chosen by 53 per cent of us.

In joint second place is our dry sense of humour and a proper cup of tea (both at 37 per cent), followed by the iconic Full English Breakfast (36 per cent).

Our beautiful green countryside (35 per cent), our long and interesting history (30 per cent) and the fact we do sarcasm so well (29 per cent) also made the top 30 list.

The research, conducted by British Lion eggs in its 21st anniversary year, reveals that we’re also delighted that the Royal family (30 per cent), pubs (28 per cent) and Sir David Attenborough (26 per cent) form the fabric of our lives.

British food and drink is what we miss most when we leave the country, specifically a decent cup of tea (37 per cent), fish and chips (36 per cent) and roasts (31 per cent).

When it comes to food which make our hearts swell, the full English breakfast comes top of the list, with 46 per cent saying it’s the British dish we feel most affection for, beating off roasts (39 per cent) and Christmas dinner (38 per cent).

The global capital of London (20 per cent), our football (18 per cent) and quirky regional accents (21 per cent) also help make British people proud.

The study found that national pride is very prevalent in our country, with a massive 93 per cent of the 1,500 respondents claiming to feel proud to be British.

“The survey reveals that we are a nation that’s proud of our food and drink, national institutions and arts,” says Andrew Joret from British Lion eggs. “We may be in a time of political turmoil, but there is still much that the country takes great pride in.”

The research also revealed the celebs who make us proud to be British, a list which was perhaps unsurprisingly topped by Sir David Attenborough (46 per cent), followed by Prince Harry (28 per cent) who in the post-baby glow of approval beats his brother Prince William (26 per cent).

Next came JK Rowling (24 per cent), Adele (20 per cent) and Emma Watson (17 per cent).

Perhaps because of the runaway success of the film Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen top the charts for the music acts who instil pride in us (37 per cent) actually beating the Beatles(36 per cent) and Ed Sheeran (30 per cent).

Harry Potter cast his spell over the cinema and book world, being the films most liable to make Brits proud (36 per cent), followed by James Bond (36 per cent) and Love Actually (25 per cent).

Prince Harry was the top Royal with 40 per cent, beating the Queen herself (38 per cent) and Prince William (37 per cent).

When it comes to our favourite traditions and traits, calm combines with a cuppa to help “putting the kettle on in times of crisis” into the top spot (31 per cent) with our sarcasm (28 per cent) and a nice chat in the pub (26 per cent) following on.

The research uncovered that women love a cuppa more than men with 42 per cent choosing it as their most proud British thing, compared to just 31 per cent of men.

And a quarter of young 16-29-year-olds are proud of our arts, compared to just 18 per cent of over 60s. However, the older generation are much more fond of the royal family, with 46 per cent picking them, compared to 23 per cent of the younger generation.

Liverpool was the proudest British city, where 99 per cent of people said they were proud to be British, followed by Sheffield at 96 per cent and London at 95 per cent.


Top thirty things that make us PROUD to be British

  • The NHS is free 53%
  • A proper cup of tea 37%
  • Our sense of humour 37%
  • Full English Breakfasts 36%
  • Traditional British food 36%
  • The countryside 35%
  • The Royal Family 30%
  • Our history 30%
  • Our sarcasm 29%
  • Pubs 28%
  • Sir David Attenborough 26%
  • Our universities 26%
  • Politeness 25%
  • British arts (film, theatre, visual arts etc) 23%
  • Regional accents 21%
  • London 20%
  • Afternoon tea 19%
  • Our television 19%
  • British farming / agriculture 18%
  • Being part of a multinational society 18%
  • We invented football 18%
  • Our architecture 17%
  • British swearing 17%
  • Queuing in an orderly fashion 16%
  • Tolerance 15%
  • Punching above our weight on the world stage 14%
  • The distinct seasons 13%
  • Soap operas 12%
  • Our weather 12%
  • Our food scene 12%