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The average UK driver spends almost 4 YEARS at the wheel in their lifetime – 8 months of which are stuck in traffic and 2 months searching for parking spaces, poll reveals

  • Poll of 2,000 drivers has calculated how long the average Briton spends in a car
  • It broke down the portion of time in traffic, looking for parking and getting lost
  • Study also reveals the average time parents spend ferrying their children around

A new study has revealed the collective hours the average UK motorist spends in a car in their lifetime.

A survey of 2,000 drivers calculated that the typical British drivers clocks up an average of 592,920 miles in their lifetime – enough to travel to the moon and back or around the earth 24 times.

The research estimated that drivers spend an average of almost four years at the wheel over the course of their lives – and broken down how much of this is wasted in jams and scouring for parking spaces.

Based on the results from a poll by Webuyanycar, the average Britons spend just over 8,000 hours (or 11 months) driving on the motorway, 9,561 hours meandering through country lanes and 8,784 hours slogging through congested cities.

Typically, in a driving lifetime, motorists will waste 5,856 hours – or eight months – stuck in traffic, spend 1,464 hours – the equivalent of two months – searching for parking spaces and the equivalent of 15 days driving in the wrong direction.

The research also said the average licence holder will suffer at least one motoring accident in their lifetime.

Almost a quarter (23 per cent) of the 2,000 motorists polled had written a car off in the past – with 4 per cent doing so more than once.

On top of this, the average motorist has also had to call on the services of a breakdown provider once in the last 10 years due to unforeseen issues with their motor.

As drivers get older and start families they endure hours of other relatively tedious motoring scenarios on repeat.

Mums and dads will be asked ‘are we there yet?’ as many as 60 times a year and 14 days of a parents’ lives will be dedicated to ferrying the kids around to clubs and friends’ houses.

Commenting on the study, Richard Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar.com, said it was easy to see why drivers can easily become frustrated at the wheel.

‘This research highlights how much of our lives revolve around our cars,’ he explained.

‘Driving almost 600,000 miles is no mean feat and we are tested on a daily basis with congestion, squabbling children, work demands and elusive parking spaces.’

But the prolonged periods spent at the wheel isn’t always trying or frustrating.

Three quarters of the UK drivers surveyed said they appreciated owning a car because it meant they had freedom, and a nostalgic 23 per cent said some of their best memories were from times in a vehicle.


Breakdown of an average UK driver’s time spent at the wheel in a lifetime

  • Number of miles driven: 592,920 miles
  • Time spent in car: 4 years (32,208 hours)
  • Time on the motorway: 11 months (8,052 hours)
  • Time on country lanes: 12 months (9,561 hours)
  • Time driving in cities: 10 months (8784 hours)
  • Sitting in bad traffic: 8 months (5,856 hours)
  • Trying to find a parking space: 2 months (1464 hours)
  • Driving kids around: 14 days (343 hours)
  • Driving to work: 12 months (6884 hours)
  • Singing along to music: 10 months (7320 hours)
  • Driving around lost: 15 days (366 hours)
  • Time on work calls: 2 months (1,584 hours)