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The 35 things modern women find most offensive

Being a woman can be pretty cool.

Women live longer, we have the ability to grow an actual human being and we don’t have to wear boiling hot three-piece suits to formal events.

There’s also a bang-your-head-against-a-brick-wall side to being a woman. From fighting for equal pay to being penalised at work for giving birth to the aforementioned human miracle.

Sometimes, it’s the every day little things that can weigh us down, though, as this new research from polling company, Ginger Research, discovered.

The poll surveyed 2000 millennial women to find out which daily annoyances wound us up the most.

Be prepared to eye roll really hard…

  1. Being sent explicit pictures, when you didn’t ask for them
  2. Being charged VAT for sanitary products
  3. The notion that women are bad drivers
  4. Being asked if it’s your time of the month
  5. Not being paid as much as male colleagues
  6. Being approached by someone in a bar just because you are alone
  7. Being chatted up on LinkedIn direct message
  8. Being told to cheer up as “it might never happen”
  9. Being told to calm down
  10. When someone talks to your breasts rather than your face
  11. Airbrushed images of women
  12. Being wolf-whistled at
  13. Being told your biological clock is ticking
  14. Being asked if you plan to get pregnant
  15. Tradesmen insisting on talking to your partner rather than you
  16. Being asked why you do not have children yet
  17. Having your right to choose debated by male politicians
  18. Being mansplained to
  19. Being called “love”
  20. Being ghosted by someone you have been dating
  21. People assuming you’re not the main breadwinner
  22. Being bought household appliances for your birthday
  23. Being asked if your breasts are real
  24. The view that you should not have long hair over 50
  25. Being told you have childbearing hips
  26. Being described as a housewife
  27. Being told you look good for your age
  28. Being left with the wives of your partner’s friends at dinner
  29. Waiters assuming the healthy meal or salad is for you
  30. Anti-aging adverts
  31. When the barperson assumes you want a half pint, not a pint
  32. The waiter assuming your male companion is picking up the bill
  33. Being chatted up in the gym mid workout
  34. The assumption that you’ll change your name after getting married
  35. The assumption that you look after the family calendar