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A specialist news generation agency, creating content that gets media cut through every time.

Our stats and stories drive brand fame across all platforms and across the world.

From consumer research and data visualisations, to case studies and custom-written releases, our projects deliver national news exposure for the country’s largest brands and PR agencies.



We’ve secured quality online and print coverage for some of the biggest household names, as well as helping smaller brands become famous. We can be with you from the start to the end of your project:


  • Ideation
  • Question writing
  • Data analysis
  • Release writing
  • Media distribution
  • Media assets


Our research division – insights agency Perspectus Global – has a UK panel of 100,000, and access to others in 99 countries.

Perspectus Global provides question writing and consultation for quantitative and qualitative surveys, fieldwork, data analysis, desk research, report writing, auditing and white paper creation.

Its extensive panels means it can target hard-to-reach audiences as well as swift turnaround general projects.

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What is a Newswire in the UK and How Can It Help PR People?

What is a Newswire in the UK and How Can It Help PR People?

In the modern world, public relations professionals are constantly looking for ways to get their message out to the masses. One tool that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the newswire. But what exactly is a newswire, and how can it benefit PR professionals in the UK?A newswire is a news distribution service that allows PRs to distribute their press releases and other news stories to a wide range of media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, TV stations, and websites. The...

How do you sell in PR stories when there is so much real news?

How do you sell in PR stories when there is so much real news?

It's a problem that PRs have been facing for several years, with a non-stop heavy (and gloom-laden) news agenda to battle with. Here are our top three tips on helping you get cut through:1. LIGHT BRIGHT STORIES: The media is craving light and bright stories from PRs, to counterbalance all the doom and gloom. Think heartwarming, relatable stories that celebrate and comfort, rather than trying to newsjack a hard news story (unless your brand is already saying something in that space.) The media...