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News generation and research
for big brands and PR agencies


With 20 years senior level experience on UK national newspapers and online news sites – the GingerComms team have the knowledge, contacts and strategies to turn your PR campaigns into national headlines.

We provide stand out national news copy, news photography, national sell in and UK national news distribution. Contact us to find out more.

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Research background
Research background
Ginger Research

Ginger Research

Ginger Research has direct access to a panel of 100,000 respondents in the UK as well as international, specialist B2B and niche panels including:

Ginger Parents,
Ginger Kids,
Ginger Women
and Ginger Men


What they say about us

I’ve worked with the team for many years and their knowledge and experience within the media industry is second to none. They know what newspapers want and what works well both in print and online.

Paul Ashton



Powerful research and blitzkrieg editorial content for some of the world’s biggest brands PR agencies.


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Ginger Comms blog

Is Housewife Really A Sexist Word? The Healthy Debate

August 14, 2018

Our latest research delved into how British women feel about the word “housewife” – and it transpires that 50 percent of us reckon it’s outdated, sexist and embarrassing.

Which means 50 percent of women DON’T think it’s sexist and outdated. WTF ladies of Britain??

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Is running out of fried chicken really a “crisis?”

February 25, 2018

Amidst all the PR back slapping and applause on how KFC dealt with their latest “crisis” (and I have to admit they dealt with it brilliantly), I can’t help wondering if, actually, it was easy enough to deal with in good humour, simply because it wasn’t that much of a crisis.

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