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News generation and research
for big brands and PR agencies

Research background
Research background
Ginger Research Global

Ginger Research Global

The research arm of GingerComms, we conduct national and international polling for brands and PR agencies.

We have a UK panel of 100,000 respondents , as well as access to 32 markets across six continents.

Ginger Research delivers PR research, PR polling and newsgen research for many of the UK’s biggest brands and PR agencies, across consumer, B2B, parenting, health, finance, charity and education sectors, as well as evaluation tools for PR and marketing campaigns.


What they say about us

I’ve worked with the team for many years and their knowledge and experience within the media industry is second to none. They know what newspapers want and what works well both in print and online.

Paul Ashton



Working with the UK’s leading PR agencies and brands, we create stand out stats and data to support consumer, B2B or specialist media campaigns.We are a team of senior national journalists and news editors, as well as seasoned PR professionals.

We are experts in creating compelling content, which delivers brand messaging, while also appealing to mass media and specialist media.

From consumer research, to case studies, infographics and straight, branded news stories – our content gets cut through every time.

Our research arm, Ginger Research Global, delivers robust and compelling data for PR, marketing and social media campaigns.

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Six reasons why journalists hate PRs

March 7, 2019

The relationship between the journalist and the PR is a complex one, formed of both need and resentment in equal parts. There are some brilliant PRs out there. Competent, knowledgeable and quick to respond, they are the ones getting their clients in the papers every day. But there are others. And if there is something journalists love to do it is gossip, about nightmare experiences with those on “the dark side”.

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Questions clients always ask us – part one of two

February 26, 2019

Here’s the first in what might well be a series of blogs trying to answer questions we get asked about what we do and how we create brilliant newsgen content. Read on to pick up some tips, work out how to use the best stats and develop the best newsgen projects you can.

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