Our Work

We can be with you from the start to the end of your project.


We brainstorm for free, providing bespoke ideas that will get your brand or campaign featured in national news media. 

Question writing

After ensuring your story can make headlines, we can write the questions for your project.

Data analysis

Easy-to-read tables and slides, which we can summarise, extract the key points from, and deliver executive summaries.

Release writing

We write editorial news copy that is print ready and gets cut through with busy news desks and lifestyle consumer media.

Media distribution

We sell in your news story on our wire, and by going directly to news desks and our trusted media contacts.

Media assets

We deliver national news quality photoshoots, radio days, data visualisations and dynamic infographics.


We’ve secured quality online and print coverage for some of the biggest household names, as well as helping smaller brands become famous.

Here’s a selection of our recent projects:


To promote USwitch’s new Green Accreditation Scheme.


With this campaign we really needed to cut through the noise and make the topic of sustainability attractive to news desks. We centered our strategy around how many Brits are living “The Good Life” with a nod to the hit 70s TV show. We ran a survey and discovered Brits are indeed a nation of Tom and Barbaras, with 40 percent striving to become more self-sufficient.

To provide visual assets for the research story we sourced celebrity Denise Van Outen and had her and partner Eddie recreate scenes from the sitcom.

This project landed 18 pieces of national coverage including The Daily Mirror, The Mail online and Hello Magazine.


To keep British Lion Eggs as a voice of authority in the egg industry, and push the credentials of British sourced eggs.


As British Lion Eggs were looking for an authoritative piece of coverage, we worked with a statistician from Nottingham University who used our consumer research to develop a scientific formula for the perfect boiled eggs and soldiers. This produced a fun story with a lot of talkability, which allowed the brand to own eggs in the UK.

This project landed 8 pieces of coverage including Mail online, Sun online and The Daily Express.


To publicise the brand’s range of cutlery designed for children’s hands, and help make it a thought leader in child development.


We ran a consumer poll of parents with young children focusing on mealtimes, which revealed that a staggering 54 percent don’t use cutlery when they eat. We then sourced a speech and language therapist to expert comment on the findings, bolstering the story and giving it further credibility.

This project landed 11 pieces of coverage including BBC online, The Sun, Mail Online and Metro Online.


Cyber safety firm Panda Security needed a deep dive into parental control of online finances in order to gain brand recognition and awareness of their expertise and offering.


GingerComms surveyed parents to discover how they ran their online finances and whether their children had ever managed to spend their cash online without them knowing. The research found that over half of British parents had found an unusual statement on their bank account which came back to their child’s online behaviour. We also discovered the total spend of children online through apps, games and websites.

The project landed 11 pieces of coverage including The Sun, Mail Online and The Daily Mirror.


The over-50s dating site wanted to raise its consumer profile by celebrating the lives of people aged 50 plus, highlighting that people don’t lose their style, looks or verve when they hit the big 50.


We knew that Ourtime wanted a mass engagement campaign that focussed on national and lifestyle media coverage. As the media love stories about celebrities, we created a research story based on the sexiest over-50s celebs, surveying Brits to uncover a list.

The campaign resulted in 9 pieces of coverage, including hits in the Mail Online, New York Times, Sun and Sun online, and Mirror and Mirror online.


To present Sushi Daily’s quality freshly made sushi offerings as a desirable and everyday lunch option to a wide audience.


We decided to delve into the lunch eating habits of the nation and produce a ‘Lunch Report’ that would get media cut through and drive conversations. The survey also explored how many people currently eat sushi for lunch.

The campaign resulted in 15 pieces of coverage, including the Sun on Sunday, the Sun, the Mirror and Metro.