A new report reveals that public relations teams ‘own’ digital activity for brands, and here’s why we think this is important.


We’re proud to be the PRCA’s research partner for its seventh annual Digital PR and Communications Report.

As always, the report provides a hugely insightful snapshot of how the industry is performing in the digital sphere, in an easily digestible and snappy format.

And – good news for the industry – the report confirms that public relations teams still have a firm hand on the tiller when it comes to storytelling in the digital realm.


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The report also reveals that digital spend is continuing to grow and the areas that are most benefiting from this increase include video based digital content and paid social media activity.

No one can argue that digitally relevant content should be the cornerstone of every PR campaign, and digital platforms continue to require nuanced, engaging and relevant content – just as traditional media platforms do.


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At GingerComms, we create newsgen content that we tailor for national news media, resulting in widespread print and online coverage. But the content is also perfect for social media storytelling – providing the foundation for videos, infographics, quizzes and written posts that grab consumers’ attention and get people talking and sharing.

So we are very much behind calls for the industry to develop content that can be tailored for all platforms and delighted that the report confirms that this is happening so widely across PR campaigns at present.

We hope you enjoy the PRCA’s 2019 Digital and Communications Report – and many thanks to all PR practioners who took part in the research this year.