We live in a world where news media moves extremely fast, and people have a huge variety of platforms and sources to get their news.

They’re also savvy about authenticity and selective about what stories to read. And so getting cut through with traditional PR channels is increasingly difficult, as the content has to be engaging and ‘fresh’ in order to be considered newsworthy by outlets and readers.

This is why brands turn to news generation. It’s about creating a compelling and newsworthy asset that can both be owned by the brand, and will also be picked up by the media as it’s interesting, educational and has talkability.

Read our blog here about why news generation should be part of your new business pitch.

The most basic way to look at news generation is this:

Create a piece of ‘news’, related to your brand, which the media will find appealing.

Because you generate the story itself, so long as it’s interesting, newsworthy or even plain funny, you can control which platforms or areas you’re targeting. And because it can tick so many boxes across media, from news to social channels, your brand is then kept at the front of consumers’ minds.

We’ve got experience of a wide number of news generated campaigns –  mostly derived from research that we run through our sister agency Perspectus Global – as we believe this is consistently the best way to make headlines.

By commissioning consumer research into a topic, a brand can reveal something new about it. They can thus be positioned as curators of new information relating to their area of expertise, and as a source of interesting information. Read our blog on how we constructed a research based news story which generated reams of national news coverage.

New generation isn’t just about research though – it can cover brand partnerships (think of the Heinz and Absolut collab), celebrity ambassadors (like Christiano x Nike), and stunts (such as the Fiat No More Grey campaign).

The common factor in all the stories is that the news which is generated has to be notable and brand spanking new.

News generation is, in short, a creative and excellent way to keep your brand in the news sections of traditional and social media – and in the mind of consumers.


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