by Ellie Glason

At GingerComms, we’re best known for creating and executing consumer research projects for traditional media.

As a team of ex national news journalists and seasoned PR practitioners, we know how to hit the sweet spot of what brands what to say and what the media will want to cover.

Yet consumer research is also perfect collateral for social activation, especially when used as the basis for graphics, animations and videos.

Some of our PR agency partners use our data to great effect on social, pushing out with captivating, sharable nuggets of info that drive engagement, complementing the traditional media show.

But we know that quite often, a brand’s social channels are handled by another agency, and how getting alignment on projects can sometimes be a challenge.

Integrated thinking is key however – and it always strikes us as a missed trick when a consumer project makes a splash for a brand in traditional news and lifestyle media, with no reflection or acknowledgment on its social channels.

We are really happy to discuss ways that our content can be used across multiple channels at the start of a project. And we can provide data tailored for designers or videographers – or create these visual assets ourselves for social activation. Whatever works best.

Ultimately, we want our research to work really hard for the agencies and brands we work with – so would always advise our clients to think social as well as traditional media when it comes to consumer research.