Huge Splash of water

Our consultancy arm, GingerComms, has a strong reputation for delivering kick-ass consumer newsgen projects – see some examples of our recent coverage here. We work alongside consumer PR agencies and brands to deliver page-ready news copy based on our consumer research, and our full sell in projects each come with a coverage guarantee.

Yet our research arm, Ginger Research Global, also undertakes quantitative B2B research for some of the UK’s biggest brands and B2B PR agencies, using our specialist sector panels, which include health, business and finance.

For B2B research projects, we regularly poll hard to reach individuals including C-Suite executives, SME owners, business leaders, decision makers, micro-business owners, freelancers, marketing managers and HR managers.

At Ginger Research Global, we think sharing is caring, so here are our top five tips for delivering great B2B research that will get cut through in your target media:

  1. Create a media map for your target audience. If you want to let HR managers know about a new recruitment agency that has launched, then the next step is to create a media map covering all the outlets and platforms they’ll be exposed to. Obviously HR managers are also consumers – so this map can cover consumer media. But focus in too on the specialist publications (both online and in print) that they will seek out.
  2. Immerse yourself in the target media. Identify the industry issues, themes and types of stories that are covered by key titles. Use these to help with stage three.
  3. Create a news angle that will appeal to and resonate with your target media, which your client/brand can own. Use your in-depth knowledge of the brand to shape a story that will appeal to the titles that your audience will be consuming, while conveying key brand messaging.
  4. Decide if you need a consumer or specialist panel for the research story – or a blend of both. Then write the questions accordingly. But in both cases write them in plain English, avoiding jargon and keeping questions simple, straightforward and conversational.
  5. Undertake the research, via a partner such as Ginger Research. Once results come in, write them into an impactful, editorially robust news release (avoid over-branding, self-serving quotes, and too much brand information up front) and then sell in to your target media. And watch the coverage roll in!

Ginger Research Global can provide full consultancy on every stage of the B2B research journey, from identification of approach, questionnaire design including recommendation of panel mix and robust sample size numbers, undertaking the research, and providing a full executive summary or news release at the end of the project.

If you’d like to know more, contact our B2B team on