Five things that mean you are a GingerComms DREAM CLIENT

August 19, 2019

By Ellie Glason 

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At GingerComms, the majority of our clients are PR agencies, so we’re talking everyday to people who are experts at finding exciting and compelling ways to communicate brand messages via traditional and social media.

What we bring to the party is a news editor’s eye (given that we are a team of ex national news editors and journalists), our own research division, and fantastic contacts across national news desks.

We do the newsgen really well, which is why our clients come back to us again and again to secure national news coverage for their brands.

And hopefully it’s because they like working with us too – we aim to be friendly and approachable, as well as offering consultancy that will ensure great cut-through in the media.

We’re sometimes asked what WE like in clients. We have many brilliant ones, so here’s a pick of some of their most admirable traits (we won’t name any names though!).


  1. YOU’RE SO FAST: You come to us early on – sometimes before you’ve even pitched to a prospective client. And hopefully before you’ve had an angle and questions signed off by the brand. That way we can together work on an approach that ticks all the boxes from the outset – and it works so much better to do this before the brand signs it all off.

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  1. YOU’RE SO SWEET: You are determined to find that ‘sweet spot’ between what the brand wants to communicate and what the media wants to talk about, and you’ve asked us to help identify it.


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  1. YOU’RE SO SHARING: We work best when we collaborate closely with our clients – keeping lines of communication open and touching base frequently about ideas, questions and copy. You want to talk to us – and you do.


Collaborate closely with clients: Sharing is caring


  1. YOU’RE SO OPEN MINDED: You know that we build in several angles to every project we undertake. And, if an approach doesn’t land well first time ( all too common when the news agenda is so busy and survey stories are sometimes overlooked) you are open to a renose, as long as the brand is too.


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  1. YOU’RE SO EXCITED: By national news coverage. As we are too – and we’re here to help you do this for your brands 🙂


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