Our latest Perspectus Global survey delved into the English language and identified a list of words that modern Brits never use – and have no idea what they mean.


The evolution of language is always an fascinating topic, and our research garnered a blanket of national news coverage – from the Telegraph to Sun Snapchat.


31 pieces have so far been published, including a front page piece in the Times, an opinion piece in the Telegraph, and page leads in the Daily Mail, the Mirror and the Sun.





It was also discussed across broadcast media, including on Radio 4 and 6.


But apart from the subject matter, what else about this research made it so successful? From our experience of selling in PR research to national news outlets, we know that the media loves both nostalgia and killing traditions off.


So research that fills us with nostalgia for old fashioned words – like cad, sozzled, bonk and even disco – and at the same time warns of their imminent extinction  – goes down incredibly well.


Something to bear in mind when coming up with PR research ideas for your brand. If you can kill off a tradition, you may be on to a winner.


Interestingly, resurrecting bygone traditions also works well for national news media – but that’s another blog