Part one of our new FAQ blog series – bringing you the questions we get asked a lot and our answers!



How do I pick a topic for my research? It needs to link to the brand offering obviously, but how to make sure it will appeal to the media too? Timeliness is key – the subject for the research should feel current and of the moment, so look at lifestyle and consumer trends and use your research to bring a particular example to life – or conversely buck a trend and prove the reverse.


Should I newsjack? Newsgen doesn’t need to connect to the news agenda. In fact trying to do this can sometimes backfire, especially if a brand tries to jump on the back of serious news. A good story should be able to stand on its own and work well whenever it drops. The exception is if you’re going for a funny, fluffy story based on some lifestyle news – eg the winner of the GBBO.


Would it help to use a national date to hang my research on? No not really. It may seem ingenious to put out a story about sleep during National Sleep Week, but you’ll be vying for space and possibly competing with academic and scientific studies. Why do this unnecessarily – as above, if it’s a good story it should work in its own right.


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