By Evie Porter

Oh 2020. A challenging year for all of us, and here at GingerComms HQ, quite frankly we can’t wait to see the back of it.



With Covid-19 changing everything about the way we live, it’s not surprising that this has extended into the media. The stories we’re reading are completely different, and it seems like you can’t turn the page of a newspaper, or click onto a news website, before being faced with stressful headlines all about the pandemic.


This means the PR industry has been turned completely on its head, creating a whole new way to work in communications. With this comes its challenges, but at GingerComms, we decided to embrace the situation and adapt to deliver the same results for clients, albeit in a different way.


Although it’s an overcrowded news agenda, there are still ways to create an effective campaign which will impress clients and secure the results they want. We’ve put together some of our top tips for doing this below, but for more information, why not give us a call to find out more? Or email us:
1. Accept it’s a completely different news agenda


Perhaps the hardest part of the situation is accepting that the way PRs used to craft campaigns no longer works. An industry which has been resistant to change for decades, the agencies which have been able to ride the wave are the ones who realised early on that they had to adapt to an updated – and totally different – news agenda.


2. Get your clients onboard


The next step forward is getting your clients to understand why their campaigns need to change and adapt. This can be difficult – but remember you’re onboard to consult and give your advice on how they can create effective comms. Take your time to explain why securing coverage is different now, and give them a bit of time to embrace this change.
3. No gloom and doom



Many of our clients are asking us: shouldn’t we be focusing on covid, as it’s all anyone seems to talk about? Why aren’t we explaining more about our brand’s perspective on the pandemic?
The truth is that journalists are fed up of writing about all things covid. They are desperate to write about something different – and are constantly requesting stories which cut through the doom and gloom and give readers something else to think about.


4. Focus completely away from covid
Don’t even be tempted to write about covid in a positive way, or advise Brits on how to keep their chin up during these times. Editors want to talk about other things, so our simple advice is to steer away from all things covid.


5. So – what can we talk about instead?


The good news is that there’s still room for really good stories, particularly from a research perspective. So refresh your mind and forget about covid for a minute. Think about ideas which feel fun and fresh, which will create great talking points and get people buzzing. Is there a new trend coming, or something old school that’s about to be killed off? Is there something new on the horizon when it comes to your client’s industry?


Here at GingerComms, we’re always happy to brainstorm for your clients on a complimentary basis. Give us a call if you’d like to share a few ideas and see how your clients can still get cut through during these challenging times.