Look! See, isn’t Finlay adorable? 


We were going to explain why research bolstered with pictures of pets can help you land stories in national newspapers and online. But really, when you look at Saphie, you can tell why can’t you? 



Dogs and other pets are cute. People looking at puppies feel better than people who aren’t looking at puppies according to a study in Psychology Today which shows that well being was increased more by looking at pictures of dogs, than listening to jokes (and that pictures of politicians decrease wellbeing). 


But again, you don’t need a study, you can feel it when you look at Sidney. 

Good pictures can help a story, (see here). We all know that, and people who know it best of all are people who run news and features desks. If you provide them with cute, decent resolution pictures of cute animals, you have a much better chance of landing your story than if you don’t. 

So while we’re not saying that every story should have pictures of pets with it (though it was a debate in the office), we are saying that they can help. And it also helps to make the point that your story –  whatever it is about – HAS to be attractive to the people who are going to run it. 


Anyhow, here’s some more pictures of our GingerComms dogs.